5 tips for finding the best furnished apartments in the Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area has one of the highest property value rates in the US, and competition for available units is cut-throat. The Bay Area is a conglomerate of nine counties, three of which have cities that rank among the most expensive cities to rent in the USA. As you can tell by now, getting an apartment requires a lot of hard work and a bit of luck.

Luckily, we have some tips to put you ahead of the game in your search for the best furnished rentals in the Bay Area.


Furnished apartments come in all shapes and sizes. While the ultimate goal of these houses is to provide the tenant with a ready-to-live-in space, the variations can be wide.

In the Bay Area, furnished apartments fall under short-term rentals and, as such, are subject to San Francisco short-term rental law. While the regulations are intended to govern the conduct of landlords and letting agencies, understanding them is important to prospective tenants.

Below are 5 tips for finding the best furnished apartments the easy way.

Familiarize Yourself with the Rent Laws

An informed tenant is an empowered tenant. You can never go wrong with learning a bit about the regulations that govern the property space of a given locality.

In San Francisco, most residential tenants are protected from unjust evictions and rent increments by the San Francisco Rent ordinance. Furnished apartments fall under short-term rentals and for this reason, are subject to both short-term rental law and the San Francisco Rent Ordinance.

Familiarizing oneself with rental laws will enable prospective tenants to know properties restricted from operating as furnished apartments.

Research deep and wide

The most important tool in house hunting is information. Keeping in mind the competitive nature of house hunting in the Bay Area, being informed automatically puts you ahead of the rest.

The nine counties which make up the Bay Area each have a unique rental experience to offer to prospective tenants. Your research should be guided by your budget, neighborhood, and the type of apartment you would like to rent.

Luckily, there’s plenty of useful information on the internet in case you need to understand the rental situation in each of these counties. You can appraise yourself with information such as current rent prices and typical furnished apartment setup in each of the nine counties.

Set Your Budget

Setting a budget is an easy way to narrow down your search scope in terms of the type of apartment and location. The counties that make up Bay Area have different rates. With the rent prices constantly on the rise, it is prudent to plan for any possibilities.

Rent prices for serviced 1-bedroom apartments in some neighborhoods may be similar to those for serviced 2-bedroom apartments in other neighborhoods. It is important to align your needs with your spending power.

Choose the Correct Time

If time is not a pressing issue, you might want to hold on from settling in the first apartment you get. Given the Bay Area’s high uptake rate, it is very likely that better options might pop up sooner than you expect.

Avoid rushing into a deal out of desperation. Additionally, certain months of the year experience high demand for rental units, which in turn leads to increased rent prices. For example, summertime usually sees higher demand than any other time of the year, meaning that might not be the best time to go searching for an apartment. With a good plan, you may be able to get into the market when conditions are at their most favorable.

Be at Your Best

Most landlords no longer operate on a first-come-first-served basis, but rather go for tenants they believe are responsible and qualified. There are various ways you can impress the landlord and earn their trust.

On the day of house showing, arrive on time and show genuine interest through constructive interaction. When asked, provide all the necessary documentation promptly. Lastly, make follow-ups but refrain from passing a nagging image.


Despite being one of the most expensive and competitive rental spaces in the USA, the Bay Area has a lot to offer for the enterprising and smart person. Other than being limited, serviced apartments operate under tight rules making it a very competitive space.

However, with the right approach, anyone can bag themselves a piece of the Bay Area. To keep yourself ahead of the rest, carry out adequate research, budget accordingly, pick the ideal time, exude a positive image, and lastly familiarize yourself with the rental rules.

Best wishes in your house hunting!