5 Tips for Buying Quality Lab-Tested Kratom in the US

Kratom is a popular name in today’s herbal industry and among consumers who have found a haven in herbal supplements and medication. Kratom is derived from Mitragyna speciosa, a plant grown in Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand and Indonesia. It’s available in the US in the form of powder, capsules, tinctures, and extracts. The herbal product is sold in local stores and primarily in online stores.

Health safety is a core aspect when it comes to buying and supplying Kratom, and US consumers may have a hard time finding reliable and approved vendors dealing with quality, lab-tested Kratom. If you want to purchase safety and quality-guaranteed product that will satisfy your needs and not endanger your health, here are tips from Kratom experts and experienced buyers and dealers that you can leverage.

1. Know What You Want

Even as you aspire to buy quality Kratom, you certainly don’t wish to scour online or local vendors blindly. It’s essential to know the ins and outs of the kind of Kratom you are looking to buy. Being informed about the different Kratom strains and how they might benefit your life helps you to make informed decisions, especially if you are a beginner.

Kratom is available in four strains, namely, White vein, Green vein, Red vein, and Maeng Da, which may have similar potency but different effects. It’s suggested that Red vein Kratom has calming and soothing effects, whereas consumers of Green Vein strain claim that the product improves performance and alertness at work. The White Vein kind is said to boost energy and improve mood.

2. Check Customer Reviews

Finding a good Kratom company is challenging, especially locally, but customer reviews may help you out of your wonderland. Customer reviews will give you a clear insight into what to expect from a particular Kratom seller.

The best places to view reviews are the companies’ websites and social media pages. Follow what customers say about the products, services, and customer care support of various Kratom vendors and make your decision having weighed the positive and negative reviews. You surely want to avoid vendors marred by negative reviews.

3. Is the vendor licensed or approved to sell Kratom?

You should purchase Kratom from licensed dealers, and it’s best to ascertain that your local dealer is authorized by the state to sell Kratom. Note that some states in the US have banned Kratom in their jurisdictions which implies that it is illegal to purchase and buy the product in these places. Be wary of vendors selling Kratom in such states. It’s evident that their businesses are unlicensed, so they may sell you low-quality and unsafe Kratom. Check if an online vendor is AKA-approved and complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices protocols to ensure that you are buying Kratom products from a reputable and trusted dealer.

4. Ask For Lab-Test Results

Safety is a critical concern when it comes to the consumption of Kratom. It’s paramount for vendors to sell lab-tested Kratom and allow the public to access the results.

Kratom is tested for metals and microbes such as fungi, yeast, staph bacteria, and salmonella bacteria. Additionally, a lab-test on a Kratom batch will also look into the alkaloid content. The percentage component of the primary Kratom alkaloid, Mitragynine ranges between 1% and 2%. Be wary of any company claiming that their Kratom has higher alkaloid content. Buy Kratom from reputed online vendors such as the Golden Monk who compile lab results of their Kratom batches on dedicated pages on their websites. Any seller who isn’t willing to share the results with you is not worth your attention and hard-earned money.

5. Avoid cheap Kratom

Scammers try to lure customers into buying their low-quality Kratom by selling it at incredibly low prices. Avoid this trap at all cost, even if you are on a budget. Sourcing and importing Kratom cost a significant amount of money, and it makes no sense for any company to sell the product at abnormally low prices. Low Kratom price translates to expired or fake Kratom that won’t benefit you at all.

Additionally, cheap Kratom could be contaminated and repackaged to appear authentic. Rogue vendors will also acquire the product illegally and avoid safety checks. Keep yourself away from trouble by purchasing Kratom from popular and well-reputed companies, even if it means spending more money than you had expected.


Finding high-quality and lab-tested Kratom in the US can be quite challenging for beginners. Since you want to utilize a safe product that will provide you with the anticipated benefits, it is necessary for consumers to take precautionary steps when purchasing Kratom, whether locally or online. Follow the tips discussed above before hitting that “confirm” button or making payment to acquire contamination-free, pure, safe, and high-quality Kratom capsules, extracts, or powder. 

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