5 Things You Should Keep in Mind So You Don’t End Up Losing Your Car Keys

Car keys are mostly at the top of the list of lost items. And the struggle of finding your car keys every morning before leaving the house is real. Not only that, can you count the number of times when you were leaving your workplace, standing beside your car in the parking, searching for the keys, but you find it difficult to locate them. It’s as if car keys are meant to be mislaid.

Such happenings, if they occur time and time again, can drive you nuts. To avoid experiencing this annoying thing any further, here are five things to do so you don’t end up losing your car keys.

1. Purchase a Bluetooth Key Finder

Technology has brought ease to our lives by coming up with solutions for just about every problem under the sun: finding lost keys is no exception. You can consider buying gadgets, such as a Bluetooth key finder which is programmed to track lost keys. It synchronizes with your smartphone and helps you find your car keys anytime and anyplace by emitting a specific sound when you go near their placement.

2. Be an Organized Person

Having piles of things scattered around your house or office is the most common reason why you lose your keys. Since keys aren’t colossal, they hide pretty quickly in a mess – sometimes they wedge between cushions or sneak under a mountain of magazines on your table.

  • If your clothes are more often stacked up on your couch and aren’t generally found in the closet
  • If your books are on your bedside table and not in a bookcase

Then it’s prime time you must organize and make some storage for placing things in order so that your keys aren’t lost in the clutter. Even when you’re out and about, it’s essential to put them in your pocket or purse and not just anywhere, so you don’t end up finding them with a sense of urgency.

3. Put Keys Back Where They Originally Belong to

Having arranged everything, you’re only halfway through the entire journey of being an organized person. It’s one thing to assign a specific spot to your everything, and another to put them back in place after using them.

It’s seemingly an arduous task to pull off after a demanding day when you feel like throwing everything on a couch. But it’s essential to muster up the energy to repel this impulse to keep your place clean. You’ll thank yourself the next morning when you won’t experience the hassle of finding car keys under a heap of clothes or documents.

4. Use a Conspicuous Keychain

Yes, you may find a custom keychain appealing. But the bad news is: you can toss it down anytime and anywhere. If you don’t want to lose your car keys (nobody wants to), then tuck a large and bright object in it. It may not be appealing to the eyes, but it’s easier to find should it’s misplaced.

On the flip side, you can also search for your favorite character figure from a movie and tuck that in your keychain to make it noticeable.

5. Have a Spare Key in Backup

Having a spare car key comes to the rescue whenever you’re in a hurry and have mislaid your car keys. You need not have an extra car key fob for this; instead, only a key without a fob will suffice you in times of need. An excellent place to keep this spare key is underneath the wheel bed of your automobile or zipper slot in your wallet. However, this backup key will only serve the purpose if you never take it out of its designated spot.

To have a spare key made for such emergencies, it’s recommended to talk to a locksmith to do the job. If you’re up for this, you can Google auto locksmiths near me and find a handful of websites offering their services. It’s also advisable to look for customer feedback to check with the quality of their work before hiring them.

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