5 Things You Just Can’t Forget When Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue

Ah, the good old’ wedding jitters– the pre-ceremony stress, the groomsman’s duties, and the bridesmaid’s responsibilities– all of them are part of an experience that one can’t forget for a lifetime. From those funny speeches that come from your best buddies and your uncle narrating incidences from your childhood like a beautiful catastrophe, it is something that has a bittersweet flair to it.

But do you know what makes a wedding happen? The bride and the groom? Maybe. That wedding ring in the groomsman’s pocket? Probably. But what makes a wedding a grand affair is a venue. Where do you choose to get married has a lot of factors to consider. For a start, there has to be a consensus on the type of wedding venue that both the lovebirds want, and maybe after that, we can look at other factors and bring them into consideration.

Well, no.

There’s a bouquet of factors that we’ve got to keep in mind before choosing the right wedding venue. We know that nothing matters more than the Mister and his Missus, but you can’t miss these 5 points while picking out the aisle in which you both will say, “I do.” Read away!

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

1. The Location

Your wedding destination can turn out to be the decisive point for your guests to decide, “should we go to their wedding or not?” Take this difficult decision and take it well, but don’t limit yourself to your guest list. The concept of a destination wedding is buzzing all around the planet. All you have to do is pick your top 5 (or 10) guests, and your soulmate shall do the same, book a flight to your destination, and you’re good to say the vows!

2. The Budget

Well, as much as you shriek “IT’S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY” from the top of your lungs, it is, after all, very much about the money. You and you’re SO have got to scour through your pockets to comprehend how deep can you go in terms of your wedding budget. Your wedding venue should match the amount of money in your pocket. Don’t dream of sapphire when you can only go for the crystal.

3. The Guest List

How long is your guest list? Can it fit in a room of your imagination? Well, if you can, then good for you. If you cannot, however, then it’s time to have a second look at your guest list. Well, don’t trim your guest list down, manage your wedding venue according to your guest count. When you know how much the guest count is, then your place should be able to house those many people. An exact count isn’t a necessity, but an estimate should be enough when it comes to deciding your wedding venue.

4. The Wedding Date

When it comes to your special day, you’ve got to make sure that your superstition for that lucky wedding date is backed up by the availability of the venue. For that very reason, the wedding date shouldn’t just be decided on a fluke, but it should also sync with the availability of the site. Find the place of your dreams first and then choose the wedding date– that’s what we’d do if we had to play it safe.

5. The Style of Venue

Weddings are all about the vibes around it, and you have to choose what kind of vibes suit you and your bae. There are plenty of wedding themes that you can go for, and the issues we are talking about aren’t Halloween-Esque themes– they’re themes of the venue you’re tying the knot in.

We love the Venue at Friendship Springs because it suits everyone’s preferences, and it has something for everyone. Not only does a cozy room fit your entire guest lists in one single go, and they’d love to dance in it. If your basic requirements are good food, phenomenal and obtuse music with the side of happy, fantastic wedding vibes, then you know where to go– the Venue at Friendship Springs is surely your kind of wedding destination.

Now that you know the five things to consider while hunting for the perfect wedding venue, you can keep the tuxedos and gowns aside and start searching for your wedding venue. Get ready; your wedding shenanigans just got a whole lot attractive. Mazel Tov!


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