5 Things to Try When Your Acne Won’t Clear

Acne can be stubborn, and therefore, cause a lot of insecurities, no matter your age and gender. Therefore, if you’ve been struggling with acne for some time, it’s important to do everything you can to make them go away. And hat’s often easier said than done, especially if you’ve tried multiple treatments and tips already. But, in order to be rid of acne, you should make sure that you’re doing your best, by using suitable treatments and living a healthy lifestyle. So, for that reason, here are some extra things that may be of help in this case. 

1. Reexamine your routine

There’s something really frustrating about trying multiple products that all seem promising and then getting disappointing over and over again. But, maybe the issue isn’t in products, but rather in the ingredients? Learning which ingredients are harmful and removing them from routine might help with your acne. Also, using scented products is often linked to allergies and irritation, which is why it’s advisable to use non-scented products, especially if you’re suffering from more severe types of acne.

2. Visit a doctor

Maybe you’ve already done that, but if you haven’t, then feel free to do so. A reputable dermatologist will check out your skin and provide you with appropriate treatment. And in case you’re already taking anti-acne medication, and they don’t work, then make sure to visit an endocrinologist who may provide you with a treatment that will balance your hormones, and therefore, clear your acne in the process. If you’re dealing with persistent acne, then chances are, you may have deeper health issues lying underneath, which is why it’s important to make sure that everything’s fine.

3. Use additional tools 

If your routine is in order, and there are no unwanted side effects, then consider using some additional tools that may help reduce acne. When it comes to skin health, not everything is about creams and serums. For example, using a special acne towel can help you clear your face better. Using the same towel for your hands and face is the worst thing you could do, due to the abundance of bacteria and dirt that gets stuck on hand towels. Other tools that you should consider: a cleansing brush, clearing blue light pen, and LED therapy device, to name only some.

4. Change your diet 

Even though this might be a controversial subject, it’s important to take it into consideration. Reducing high-glycemic and dairy foods from your diet may help with your acne. Also, keeping a food diary and closely monitoring your face is a good way to come up with some conclusion related to the way you eat and the appearance of your acne. You don’t need to stop eating your favourite foods altogether, but if your acne won’t go away, it’s advisable to lower your consumption, at least for a certain period.

5. Accept yourself 

Now, this might seem obvious, but accepting yourself despite your acne is a sure way toward feeling good in your own skin. There’s even a social media movement called skin positivity that teaches everyone to love themselves and their skin regardless of the type and texture. When you learn to accept yourself with flaws and everything, you’ll feel more self-confident, which will also positively impact the way you treat your own skin. 


Sometimes, acne can be difficult to get rid of, but with some research, the right routine, diet and additional tools, it’s possible to do so. Still, if you practice self-love, self-care and self-acceptance, you’ll feel better about yourself, and that will positively influence your own self-image. Finally, keep in mind that being patient and persistent with treatments is important too, as it will teach how to care for your skin properly.