5 things to know before playing slots 

Over the last several centuries the human race has seen various new gambling games or playing slots enter into the public consciousness, however, none of them have had quite as much success as deposit and play slots. The road to these games is longer than simply the last two decades, however, as Charles D. Fey created the first mechanical slot machine all the way back in the late 1800s.  

For a good few decades slot machines could only be played in Californian bars and saloons, however, as the legal framework surrounding gambling slowly got more flexible, slot machines got more and more popular. In the modern world, there are literally tens of thousands of online slot games available to play, and it has never been a better time to be a slot gambler. Read on for 5 things to know before playing slots. 

What does RTP mean? 

So, the first thing to explore here is a term that you are more than likely to see quite often across the online slot industry, and it is also something that can be incredibly useful if you understand it correctly. RTP basically stands for Return To Player, and it is essentially a way for slot gamblers to deduce the odds of winning from any title available on the market. 

This is because RTP is indicative of the percentage of your overall wager during a session that you can expect to win back on average. 96% tends to be seen as the market average for RTP, so in most cases, you will probably have more luck on a slot game if it has a rating above this value. 

Some of the best developers 

There are all manner of different slot developers around in the modern-day, something that is largely down to the incredible competitiveness of the market. Whilst the quality of slot games coming out is generally quite good these days, it still pays to know who some of the market leaders are in the online slots industry. 

NetEnt is probably going to be top on the large majority of gamblers’ list, as they have been supplying top-tier online slot titles to the masses from the beginning of the industry. Yggdrasil, Eyecon, and Big Time Gaming are all also very well respected too. 

What are progressive jackpot slots? 

You are probably going to hear a fair amount about progressive jackpot slots during your reel spinning time, and this is because these games possess by far the biggest jackpot prizes within the market. 

Each losing spin on a progressive jackpot slot increases the overall prize, something that often results in well over a million pounds being offered as prize money. 

A few betting systems to avoid 

We cannot recommend avoiding the Martingale betting system enough, as this strategy more often than not just leaves you far deeper into the red than you would be otherwise. 

Tips on staying responsible whilst you gamble 

Staying responsible whilst slot gambling definitely sounds quite boring, there isn’t much arguing that. But here’s the thing: it could have a very profound impact on your health.

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