5 Things to Consider If You Want to be a Working Mum

Being a working mum is no easy task, and you can go through a wide range of emotions daily; from that overwhelming sense of guilt at leaving your children behind when you leave for work in the morning, to that secret relief at getting some time away from being mum. It is natural to feel torn as a parent, and whether you are a working mum or dad, it is normal for you to worry about how successfully you can fulfil both roles.

There are many different things that you are going to have to carefully consider if you want to be a working mum, and you should expect to make some sacrifices. But overall, it is important that you do what is right for you and your family.  Even though you are a parent now, you still have your own goals and aims in life and it is important that you fulfil them. Failing to do the things that you want will only make you unhappy, which won’t benefit your family overall. Happy parents equal happy children, so you should put plans in place and consider the different aspects of being a working mum so that you can continue working even after having children. Here are some of the main things that you will want to consider ahead of going back to work. 


One of the biggest obstacles that you will have to face is childcare issues. Once you have had children, you are responsible for making sure that they are safe and being looked after at all times. Therefore, if you plan to be at work, you need to make alternative arrangements. Childcare is a bone of contention when it comes to working parents, as some parents aren’t keen on leaving their small children in nurseries or with a nanny from a young age. While you may have grandparents around to be able to help you with childcare issues when you are working, not all parents have that help available.

If you are looking for a nanny or nursery to look after your child while you are at work, then you will likely find it difficult to trust a stranger with your little one. Therefore, you should ask around your friends and family for recommendations for individuals or services that they have used for their children. You should make a list of all the qualities and qualifications you are looking for when trying to find the right childcare so that you know exactly what you want from the person who is looking after your children.

While you may be nervous about your kids going into nursery, research has shown that being around other children their own age can significantly improve your child’s development and socialisation skills.

Your Skills

If you have been away from work for some time due to maternity leave, then you may find that your old career has changed while you have been away. Many industries are fast paced nowadays and simply by having a few months away, you can feel like you have really dropped the ball. However, this doesn’t mean that you should disregard the possibility of going back to work. Instead, you should see it as a new challenge. When you are a mum, you spend a significant amount of your time with your children, either playing with them or caring for them. So, when it comes to going back to work, it is natural for the prospect of being around adults every day to be daunting and anxiety provoking. If you are worried that some of your skills may not be up to scratch due to your time away, then you may consider enrolling on training courses before you head back to work. The wide range of courses that are available at sites like are a great way to brush up your skills and boost your professional development. No matter what sort of industry you are working in, they will have a range of courses that you can benefit from.

The Guilt

It is important that you consider the huge amount of guilt you are going to feel when you are a working mum, as it something that all working mothers experience and is difficult to avoid. When you are a mother, your priority is always your children, and sometimes working while bringing up your kids can make you feel like you aren’t being there for them enough.

Many of us nowadays are unable to financially run a household without both parents working, so it is important that you remember that you going to work is not only benefiting your own happiness and self-esteem, but it also helps you to provide for your family. It is important that you try to let go of the guilt and think about how you going to work is benefiting the whole family.

You should also remember that it is natural for working mums to feel guilty about not being at home more due to spending time at work. You should reach out to your friends and family about how you are feeling, as many of them will have been in the same boat.

Find the Right Employer

You will find that some employers are more understanding than others about you balancing your job with motherhood, so it is important that you find the right employer for you. If you plan to go back to work at the same place you worked before you became a mum, then they will already know your circumstances and therefore should be prepared for it. Being a mum doesn’t mean that you can’t do your job just as well as someone who isn’t a parent; it just means that you will likely work at a different schedule.

If your children are older and will be in school when you go back to work, then while you won’t have to arrange childcare throughout the day, you will need to ensure that you can finish work when school finishes. This is something that you should talk to your employer about before you start, and you may find that they have flexible working hours available for their parent employees. 

Organisation is Key

You will need to be very organised when it comes to be a working mum, as there is so much more you need to consider. From your work meetings, to packed lunches, and after school sports clubs, you need to stay on top of the busy schedules for both you and your children. A great way to do this is to have a family planner or organiser hanging in the kitchen where you can all write down your important events. This means that at the start of each week or day, you can check the calendar and know exactly where you should all be and at what time. This also means that you can enlist the help your family members or friends as the weekly events are there for everyone to see.

Being a mum is one of the toughest but most rewarding jobs you can do, but if you want to combine that with employment, it is important that you are prepared for the challenge ahead.

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