5 Things Dance Taught Me About Life

Dance is a way of life that helps people communicate with their body, spirit, soul, and mind. Dance is a culture that not only brings out the beauty hiding inside a person but expresses what the person is feeling. Dance is a communicative structure that passes a message from the dancer to the audience watching. Sometimes, it can be a sad message, and other times, it can be a joyful one, either way, dance is used to express deep feelings that may be hiding and looking for a way to come out.

Some people are not so good with words, but they can express their feelings when they make gestures with their bodies. Another amazing g thing that makes dance a form of communication is music. You can never have a perfect dance with music, and this is what connects two or more hearts and minds. The music serves as a channel through which the dancer expresses emotions and feelings, and this can be negative or positive.

As a dancer, there are so many lessons that dance has taught me. These lessons do not happen in a day, as I had to grow into them one after the other. While some proved difficult, others were a phase that I went through and came out strong. Some of the lessons that dance taught me, and is still teaching me goes thus;


If there is any consciousness you have to possess as a dancer, it is that of dedication as it is not an easy virtue to come by these days. Some people tend to believe that moving their bodies is not hard, so they take the experience with levity. If you are not dedicated to dance, there is no way it will cultivate and mold you. Dance is all about dedication and commitment, and someone who lacks that may not be able to learn the art of dance. 


Dedication is not the only virtue you should have towards dance, as perseverance is also essential. No great dancer learned to dance in a day; all they did was persevere till they could get it fully. As a dancer, I had learned to be patient with the experience and take one step at a time. 

Time Management

When you are dancing, you must always be conscious of time, so as not to go over it and bore the audience. This is why, with the use of a wristwatch, I can always calculate the time spent on stage, and keep my audience interested throughout. If you find out that your audience is sleeping through your performance, it may not be because your dance is boring, but you have overstayed your welcome.


The essence of dance is discipline, so if you cannot cultivate that habit, then you may find dancing to be too difficult to engage in. The steps you take in dance have to do with discipline, and the audience will see this in you. 

Team Work

This is one of the essential aspects of dance that so many people fail to understand in the world today, especially those in a dance group. If you are part of a dance group, one thing must always come to mind; if you fail, the whole group fails. Blames are not taken individually in a group, so you must learn the spirit of teamwork, and work to achieve excellent results. To learn more about dance, and it’s benefits, visit for more information.

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