5 Surprising Causes of Acne and Effective Solutions

Acne could show up in the most unexpected places on your body. Sometimes it’s ridiculous, and whenever you see them there, you question yourself what you ever did for them to come out just there.

Well, as it looks like, there are several causes of acne and there is a reason that they chose that place to show their white heads.

Luckily for you, I have something right here that might interest you. You are going to see these places and what probably cause them.

Are you ready for this?

1. Arms

If you have problems with your digestive symptoms and difficulty tolerating antibiotics, you are going to see the acne showing up on your arms.

2. Back and shoulders

The acne showing up on your back could be the final result of backpack straps, or maybe you wear synthetic clothes too tight. On top of that, if you love fried and fatty food, this is the preferable location for the acne to show up.

3. Chest

The most common cause of acne on your chest are washing powder or shower gel.

4. Legs

Poor legs hygiene and tight clothes are the number one reasons for acne.

5. Neck

Passion for sweets, allergic reaction to hair shampoo, or tight collar are all possible causes for neck acne.

Interesting huh?

You now know what to do when you see acne on these particular places.

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