5 Steps to Creating a Nearly ‘Perfect’ Resume

A resume is a one-way ticket to get you into the doors of a company or get you a seat at the interview table. Anyone who wants to get a job has to own a good or almost perfect resume. A good resume will show your employers what you are capable of. A resume talks about your personality as a person, as well as your skills. These skills are usually on the amateur or expert level, and the only way to test it is for you to be interviewed. However, even when your resume is interesting to read, you have to put in a lot of effort to make sure that you get the job.

A resume will get you a seat at the table, but the way you handle the situation will keep you on that sit for a long time. A resume can only be nearly perfect as what is considered excellent to others, may not be to an employer. So, one can only have an almost ideal resume that will meet most of the requirements of a company or an employer. Some people often encounter difficulties when they are in search of a job because they have no idea how to prepare a good resume. Developing a good resume can be a lot of work especially when you do not know what a company or an employer like, however, there are several steps you can go through to remain on the safe side.

These steps may not successfully get you the perfect resume, but it will help you write a good enough resume that will be acceptable in most companies in the world. A resume represents you as a person, so, aside from courage, your resume has to carry a voice that sounds undefeated. 

Steps to Create a Nearly Perfect Resume

Simple Format & Content

Your resume should not be too complex to read, and it should not be too plain to read. If it is too complicated, it may become dull and difficult to read. Also, if it is too plain, it may be boring to read. Make the content and format of your resume is easy to read and straightforward. This will help your employer know more about you within a short time.


Add a Career Profile

The career session of your resume should be as short as possible, and it should be placed at the top of your resume. When your employer reads this first; they already know what position you are applying for in their company, and it would be easy for them to go through the rest of the resume. 

Add Work Experience & Education

No company or employer wants to work with a person that is inexperienced in different areas. They believe that an experienced person knows what they are in the company to do and do it well. However, some employers believe that inexperienced people are slow learners, and they may put the company at risk. 

Include Skills

Aside from being a professional in the job area of specialization, your employers also expect you to have the necessary skills. One of these skills includes computer literacy. 

Basic Information is Important

Some employers may not know that they need it, but when they get to know basic things about you in your resume, it may spark interest. This is why you have to talk about yourself shortly to help your employer know a little about you.

It also helps to take a look at some good resume examples to help create the best.

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