5 Steps to Advance Your Career in Nursing Around Other Commitments

Nursing is one of the most committed jobs that you can apply for, requiring you to be dedicated not only during the acquisition of your degree but in caring for your patients around the clock. This can leave many nurses feeling as if they have come to a standstill in their careers. However, if you want to become, or advance your career as, a nurse while balancing other priorities such as family and children, here is a step-by-step guide.

Take an Online Nursing Degree

The first step that you must take to become a nurse is to achieve a good nursing degree which can showcase your knowledge and ability, and teach you everything that you need to know about working in a medical environment. Also, many degrees are associated with Registered Nursing programs that can help you to find employment.

You will also need to take continuing education courses throughout your career to expand your knowledge of the latest medical practices. If you want to advance your career around other commitments, taking an online nursing degree will allow you to study in any location, around your own schedule. There are also accelerated quality online degrees that will allow you to get your degree faster than normal.

If you are looking for pediatric nurse practitioner programs in Texas, HBU offers online courses which can grow your career as a nurse through advanced and specialist education that aims towards leadership roles.

Volunteer at a Hospital

If you want to advance your career around the commitments of family life, you should gain more experience by volunteering at a hospital, another medical facility or home care. This is an excellent way to gain experience if you do not have the time to go on a placement or find work experience. The nature of volunteering means that you can perform shifts around your schedule, as many times a week as you are able to. This will allow you to gain the practical skills necessary to stand out among other nursing applicants on your resume and in interviews.

Get the Right Licences

Before you begin your career, it is important that you are able to get the right licenses before you begin to operate within a job role. You will not be able to become a nurse without the appropriate licenses. To get a license, you will need to take an exam that can provide evidence of your knowledge base. If you want to become a nursing assistant, you can become fully licensed by taking a state competency exam, while to become a practice nurse and registered nurse, you need to complete a National Council Licensure Examination. In order to be a practitioner, you need to take a national certification exam with a professional nursing organization. 

Find a Job

The final element in order to become a nurse is the most obvious: getting a job. There is a shortage of nurses in the USA and, like any job, nursing roles can be found on job listings and specialist job boards that can help you find your ideal role.

You may also be able to find a job and promotion from Registered Nursing programs and other degree placements. However, for someone that wants to become a nurse around other commitments, networking with others in the industry is a simple and fast way to find out about opportunities in your local area without needing the time to browse job boards.

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