5 Steps Method to Grow Unlimited Supply of Garlic at Home

You know how we call the garlic one of the healthiest foods our nature gives. It improves your health and makes the food you cook tastier and smellier.

Even though many people refuse to eat it, they love the way it smells when it’s cooked with their favorite meal.

Here is the long list of health advantages this important food has:


All of these benefits are also reasons why to love this food and why you need to grow your supply at home.

The best thing about it is that saves money and makes you feel good about yourself.

Creating something from scratch is always a good idea.

I have my small food garden right outside of my kitchen. It feels great to get into the kitchen and cook food with the ingredients you made them happen.

Alongside these superfood benefits, the garlic’s re-grow method is straightforward and easy.

You need to follow these five steps, and you are going to feel like a master of the garlic:

  • Break up a garlic bulb into cloves and bury them five inches deep in the damp soil.
  • Make sure the sharp side of the clove is upwards.
  • When it sprouts, give them water because the topsoil feels dry. Be careful not to overwater it. The garlic doesn’t need too much water.
  • Cut off flowers that blossom to protect the good taste of your garlic
  • Once it shows itself up with five or six leaves, you can pull it out and use it.

Growing garlic is one of the easiest things you can do in your food garden. Once you get into this world, you will never want to leave it.

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