5 Simple Ways On How To Clean Carpet

There are different types of flooring in various homes, but even while people have tiles on their floors, they still want the subtle feeling of carpets beneath their feet. This is achievable, as long as you can get the right company to help lay your carpets excellently. However, there is a catch; carpets are not easy to clean thoroughly. Most times, carpets are slippery, so one place may be spotless and the other full of dirt. When it comes to carpets, it is only the visible dirt that you can get rid of, but when it comes to sand and particles, it is difficult to get it off the carpet. This is because when you look at a carpet, you may not see the dirt easily until you feel it with your feet. It is inevitable for people who use carpets because it will always get dirty and need cleaning, but many people do not know how to go about this. 

Another reason why carpets are difficult to clean, and they always get dirty is because of kids who love the carpet feeling and mess it up any chance they get. If you have a baby who just started crawling, he or she will like doing that on the carpet, and their shoes or pets can mess everything up. While some parents may not notice the dirt on their carpets often, a time will come when they can no longer walk barefooted in their home because they always have to step on unpleasant things. At this time, a solution to the carpet problem will be needed and needed fast. 

There are several types of equipment you can use to clean your carpet, but if you want a thorough cleaning, you should find top vacuum cleaners for carpets. These cleaners will not only do a good job on your carpets but are easy to use and maintain.

If you want a variety of cleaning methods for your carpets, these five types of cleaning methods will help you.


Have you ever heard of carpet shampooing before? Well, if you haven’t, you are in the right place. This method of cleaning carpets, was popular before another technology came out in the 1970s. Shampooing carpet takes a lot of work, but it makes sure that every stain and dirt on your carpet is dealt with thoroughly. The only disadvantage of this method is that if you are not careful, you may leave behind residue from the foam you used on the carpet.


This method makes use of detergent as a base to turn dirt particles into powder. After this is done, you will use a vacuum cleaner to scoop the powder.

Bonnet Cleaning

This is one of the best ways to clean your carpets because it leaves behind a sparkling carpet that almost looks brand new. For these cleaning methods, a machine is used to clean the top part of the carpet intensively to absorb the dirt on the surface.

Dry Carpet Method

This method is tricky, but when completed, it leaves your carpet spotless. It is also regarded as compound cleaning, where a compound is placed beneath the carpet to clean it intensively.

Vacuum Cleaning

This is one of the improvised ways of cleaning carpets around the world. This method involves using a machine to brush over the carpet to make it clean.

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