5 Simple Things Happy People Do Every Night

Or should I say what I do every night before bed.

To be happy is not a task. It’s a feeling. The day you are going to start feeling better for yourself is the day when you are becoming a happy person.

There are many things you can do to become a happy person. One of them is following what others do.

Just forget about the whole world and your problems for a minute. Take a deep breath and reach deep inside you.

Who are you? Are you happy?

I am. I have the people I care the most around me. I plan and spend time with them every day. I have my dog. I have you all.

When people talk about happiness, I always imagine what I have in my life. The happy feeling inside gives me a smile on my face every day.

That’s something money can never buy.

So, what do happy people do every night before bed?

Spend Time With their Families

The “before-bed-time” is always family time. It’s probably the only period of time where you are all together at home.

One great conversation with your partner, a bedtime story for your kids or even talking love with your roommate will do the trick.

Planning the next day

I can’t spend a day without planning what to do the next day. Happy people always figure out what they need to do.

They plan everything to the detail. Even if that means planning their outfit for the next day.


The great thoughts always come before bed. Some avoid them, happy people write them down.

These thoughts are the most honest that come to our mind and if we don’t write them down, we will end up forgetting them in the morning.

They read

Reading before bed has huge benefits. That’s why we see people in the movies reading just before bed.

Even studies confirm that it improves your health. When your mind is focused on something made by words, your stress vanishes and the body settles down.

They always think about good things

Happy people fulfill themselves with good thoughts before bed. Falling asleep with negative things running through their minds will result with a negative mood the other day.

Do you think you can follow these things? I know you can do it.

You will feel better.

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Source: Higher Perspectives

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