5 Signs Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Wondering whether your child is ready for preschool? You’re not alone. Currently, there are about 1.5 million children enrolled in preschools across the country, and each one of their parents had to wrestle with the possibility that their child wasn’t ready.

Eventually, it’s a leap of faith the average family will end up taking. In a bit, we’ll give you the five indicators that your child is ready. First, however, an important question.

Is Preschool Necessary?

The typical preschool age range is between two and five years. Some working parents may have to find care for their infants as well if they work in year-round professions and don’t have family available to help out.

However, preschools are best-equipped to manage the toddler to the pre-kindergarten range. That’s because the ages are not too far apart in development, and socialization is one of the most important aspects during that time anyway.

If your child can get the diversity of socialization at home, then preschool might not be a top priority. However, most families can stand to benefit from it. Here’s how to know if the time is right.

1. Your Child Wants to Be Around Other Kids

Going to preschool means being around other kids and learning basics like counting by ones, the alphabet, and some beginner math and storytelling. What’s helpful about preschool is that the learning concepts are typically baked into the social aspects and that bond can make your child’s desire to be around other kids a source of encouragement that rubs off on their learning.

2. Your Child Is Comfortable With Independent Play

Another sign to consider when asking at what age do kids go to preschool is the independent play factor. Has your child graduated from always needing your attention to being fine with playing alone in his or her room? If so, the time is right.

3. Your Child Is Potty-Trained

Asking what age do kids go to preschool means you’ve at least made some headway on potty training. Clearly, state-certified preschools will have the personnel to help change a diaper, so it’s not a dealbreaker. Still, it makes it easier for your child to adjust to preschool if he or she knows how to handle business at the potty.

4. Your Child Communicates Well

Another indication of the answer to what age do you go to preschool is this. Your child can communicate wants or needs in clear terms. They can point, say words, and give affirmative or negative facial cues. This makes it easier when interacting with staff and other children.

5. Your Child Is In Good Health

A fifth factor regarding when to go to preschool is health. Does your child have special needs or potentially dangerous food allergies? Answering yes doesn’t put preschool off-limits, but it certainly means you should research the facility for the accommodations they have in place to be able to handle your child’s needs.

Getting Your Child Ready for Preschool Is Easy When You Know the Signs

Getting your child ready for preschool is simply about raising them to meet the benchmarks of development. It’s also about finding the right location to accommodate any specific needs.

Thankfully, your child will help you know when they’re ready by showing an interest in independent play, being around other children, communicating clearly, and adapting to potty training. Looking for more childcare tips and info? Check out some of our additional blog posts!

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