5 Reasons Your Cat Might Need Insurance

We all love our cats, but we never know when they could do something unexpected. Most of the time, they always walk away unscathed, but you never know when something terrible could happen to your cat.

Having cat insurance covers a great many of these unfortunate occurrences. The following five instances are reasons your cat might need insurance.


Cats sometimes have altercations with other animals. Dogs and other cats are the most likely culprits, but possums and rats are possible. The most common reason for fights is territorial disputes.

Fighting with other animals can lead to many serious problems. Bites and scratches are the number one things to look out for. These are most important because they can lead to infection, which is highly dangerous.

It might surprise you that cat bites can be more dangerous than dog bites. Dogs are larger generally and have more prominent teeth, but cat’s teeth are long and sharp.

A longer tooth means a deeper puncture wound that bacteria can get deeper inside your cat. A minor wound will heal faster and potentially trap bacteria.

If you know your cat has gotten into a fight taking a trip to the vet is necessary. Even the most minor wound can get infected and cause serious health problems for your little furry friend.


Although the saying is cats always land on their feet, this is not 100% true. Your cat may suffer injury even if they land on all four paws. Even if they have no broken bones, they may have gone a little too far and put too much strain on their ligaments.

While significant breaks are very apparent when they happen, some injuries are difficult to notice. If your cat’s mood or behavior changes, please take the time to scrutinize them for any tenderness.


Cancer is the number one cause of death for cats. Cancer is uncontrolled cell growth and can occur anywhere in the body. Cancer is more prevalent in older cats, but it can affect cats of any age. Usually, cancer presents itself by a bump somewhere on the body.

Most symptoms can be detected externally, and different types of cancer present various symptoms. Lumps, sores that won’t heal, changes in habits, change in appetite, bleeding, weight loss, discharge from the body, coughing, stiffness, and bad breath are things to look out for.

Your pet is much more likely to survive a fight with cancer if it is caught early. Regular visits to the vet can increase your chances of seeing it in time.

Hereditary Conditions

Hereditary conditions are disorders that are inherited from past generations. These disorders are due to abnormal genes. Some of these conditions are obvious and present at birth, while others do not develop until late life.

Cats tend to suffer from these genetic issues more regularly than other animals. Some pedigree (breeds) cats are based on these disorders.

Thankfully it is possible to do genetic testing to determine if your cat has any outstanding issues. These tests can also tell you about your cat’s heritage.

Tooth Problems

Tooth problems are the most common issue that cats can face. Cats over two face an 85% chance of experiencing periodontal disease. Even if you take the time to clean your cat’s teeth regularly, they may bite down on something the wrong way and crack a tooth. This can lead to tooth or gum disease, which needs to be treated as soon as possible to prevent worse health issues down the road.

In conclusion, the benefits of having insurance for your cat can not be understated. Many things can happen to your cat, even if you are the most responsible owner. Having insurance is peace of mind.