5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Regimen

Notably, face serum needs to be lighter and less occlusive when compared to lotions and moisturizers. Thus, the occlusive nature of purifying face serum allows them to penetrate deeper into the skin. The serum that contains retinol is considered a top-quality product. This is so because retinol boosts the overall cellular growth. If you need to acknowledge more details about face serum, then go through the article below. This article includes genuine and unbiased benefits of face serum.

How is organic serum better?

Synthetic face serum contains chemicals like SLS, which causes discomfort when used on dry skin. SLS compound causes excessive moisture loss from the skin. Hence you might have to deal with skin soreness. Even the FDA has recommended not using SLS more than 1% in purifying face serum.

With that said, the organic serum contains antioxidants and essential herbal extracts. Therefore, your skin will get thoroughly pampered. Furthermore, the organic serum does not contain SLS. For this reason, you can use them on any skin type.

How to choose the best face serum?

As discussed above, organic purifying face serum works best for every skin type. However, do check whether the product contains alpha and beta hydroxy acids. These compounds are offer gentle exfoliation; because of this, you can easily use the product over the eyelids. The skin of the eyelids is too sensitive and prone to soreness. Secondly, you should also check that a regimen should have essential oils. Most of the face serum contains olive and lavender oils.

Benefits of organic face serum

  1. Balances sebum production

Most importantly, organic face serum regulates sebum production. Excessive sebum production leads to the onset of white and blackheads. Besides, the overproduction of sebum is the prime cause of acne production.

  1. Reduces bacterial infection

Along with acne, bacterial infection leads to several other allergies. For instance, the overgrowth of bacteria leads to cellulitis, erysipelas, furuncles, etc. Organically made face serum also removes the dead skin layer. This provides you a youthful and radiant look.

  1. Alleviate skin inflammations

Face serum made only from organic compounds have essential oils like olive and lavender. These compounds help to retain the moisture loss. Thereby your skin will become more radiant. Meanwhile, organic face serum also contains a high quantity of vitamin C. Consequently; they help to alleviate hyperpigmentation. Melasma, sun spots, and skin aging are few causes that lead to hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C helps the skin to get even tone by reducing the dark spots under the eyes and blemishes.

  1. Enhances the production of collagen

Dehydration or aging may lead to low collagen production. Thus you may have to face wrinkles, crow feet, or fine lines. Proper collagen production also offers relief from saggy skin under the eyes and beside the mouth.

  1. No fillers

Unlike the regular synthetic serum, the organic regimen does not contain any petroleum products. On the other hand, the organic serum contains active peptides, stem cells, and essential minerals. These ingredients easily pass through the upper layer of the skin and provide genuine relief to underlying tissues.


All in all, organic face serum contains retinol, essential vitamins, and mineral oils. These ingredients have high penetration capabilities and offer genuine pampering to the skin. Contrary to this, the synthetic serum contains a high amount of SLS. This compound causes loss of moisture from the skin, making it prone to soreness. Even the FDA restricts the use of SLS more than 1% in a face serum. That said, the organic serum does not contain SLS. Thus, you can use an organically made face serum for different skin types without any issues. Last but not least, organic serum reduces skin inflammation and increases the production of collagen. Henceforth, offering you healthy and glowing skin.


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