5 Reason Why You Need to Experience Charter North Safaris

Charter North Safaris

Charter North Tours offer you the best of Lake Argyle, El Questro, Windjana Gorge, the Bungles, Tunnel Creek and so much more. You will camp, swim, hike and explore this ancient and fascinating landscape. The experienced guides will show you sensational gorges, shimmering waterfalls, rock art and Indigenous culture from the comfort of a luxurious 4WD. This is your chance to experience the best of Australia while discovering the secrets hidden in the wilderness. There are a lot of reasons to take the Kimberley Tour, but the five best are defined below.

Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek

When the central plateau transforms into open plains, it is breathtaking. This is called Pindan Country. The scenery and landscape are amazing. Windjana Gorge was formed by the Leonard River. You will see freshwater crocodiles basking in the sun on sandbars and bathing in shallow pools. The Devonian reef is to the south where adventure is waiting for you in Tunnel Creek. You will be riveted as you learn the history of the local Aboriginal clans.

The Bungle Bungles

You will travel to Purnululu National Park, often called the Bungle Bungles. You will have an adventure hiking through the gorges and beehive formations. If you want an even better view of the natural landscape, you can take an exciting helicopter flight. As you drive through the park, you will be experiencing one of the most picturesque scenes in all of the Kimberely. Before long, you will fall in love with this geological masterpiece of mother nature.


The capital of Broome is to the west. You will experience a combination of old-world charm and modern commerce. This is where you will find the most gorgeous pearls you have even seen and the world’s most dazzling beaches. Broome was born from the pearls found in the shallow tropical waters early in the 19th century. You will share the lifestyles and culture of the locals while exploring the aboriginal coastal communities.

The Dampier Peninsula

The Dampier Peninsula is to the north of Kimberely on the beautiful Cygnet Bay. Cygnet Bay Pearls is the oldest pearl farm in Australia. You will have an exceptional chance to learn about the industry. You can even stop by a working pearl farm. The farming process is both interesting and unique. You will be offered accommodations right on the beach in a sleek safari tent. The pearl farm is located on beautiful Cygnet Bay.

Cygnet Bay is the gateway to approximately 1000 islands to the north called the Buccaneer Archipelago. You can explore the area by air or sea. The waterfall phenomenon is beyond description. You will be welcomed with open arms whether you choose to stay overnight or just for the day. Cape Leveque is located to the north. You may have heard of the Kooljaman Resort because it has won awards. This gorgeous resort is situated in an absolutely stunning coastal location.

The resort was built with the natural environment in mind. You will find Kooljaman both low key and extremely tasteful. You can visit for the day, but once you arrive you will want to spend the night. You can get to the resort by air or road. You will always remember the adventures you experienced on the sea, land and in the air. This is your chance to cool off in the lovely northern Kimberley waters.

Gibbs River Road, Mitchell Falls and Gorges

Mitchell Falls is located along with other stations such as El Questro to the tropical north along the Gibb River Road. The Central Plateau has a well deserved reputation for the most sensational cultural and natural attractions anywhere in the Kimberley. You can spend an afternoon canoeing, hiking or swimming in the ancient watercourses. You will see magnificent waterfalls and phenomenal gorges that never seem to end. They were not explored for millennia.

This is your chance to explore Emma Gorge, Galvan’s Gorge, Manning Gorge and Bell Gorge. If you are interested in rock art and indigenous culture, do not miss the Mitchell Plateau and Falls. Kimberley is about adventure, relaxation, breathtaking scenery and the trip of a lifetime. The only problem with taking a Charter North Tour is as soon as you return, you will want to go right back.

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