5 Quick Ways to Earn Money Online

Anybody with a degree can get anywhere they set their minds on. But sometimes, being situated in a location-based 9-5 job isn’t the best way to go about putting bread on the table. You miss out too much on family time, you get tired constantly being positioned in your cubicle or maybe the commute to your workplace is a hassle.

But thankfully, the internet has just the out you’re looking for. Freelancing comes with a bunch of perks, some of which include saving up on car fuel and maintenance, being there for your family, working a more flexible schedule, deciding your own clients.

Here are some of the best ways to work and earn some easy green from the comfort of your own home:

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you have either a website or a blog, affiliate marketing can be quite handy. With this online practice, you can team up with brands and businesses that are relevant to the content of your site.

The way this works is that if you mention a product or a service of a company that you’ve partnered with, you have to use a unique affiliate code that you get upon signing up for a specific affiliate program. As such, if a customer buys that product or service using the link from your site, you’ll be able to make money off of it.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a saving grace for those who wish to have their engaging and alluring writing style heard from around the world. You’ll find that some of the more successful writers can earn up from between 50 cents to a dollar, or even twice as that.

But it’s not as easy as going in and making that much on your first go. You need to prepare a riveting portfolio and also an attractive resume, so on and so forth. You must also ensure that your passion for writing is there, otherwise, this will be a lost cause.

It will take time and considerable effort, but if it’s what you’re opting for, then you’ll earn a good chunk of green from this.

Some of the best websites that you can write for include:

  • Listverse
  • TopTenz
  • A List Apart
  • International Living
  • FundsforWriters
  • Uxbooth
  • iWriter
  • Textbroker
  • Matador Network
  • The Penny Hoarder

3. Online Surveys

Here’s an easy and fun way to earn money online – online surveys. This’ll help you earn some extra dough in your spare time whenever you’re bored or need something to get your mind off of things.

Various research companies are always looking to recruit folks from around the world to take surveys, answer questions and test out their products or services.

Some surveys can get you up to £3 ($5). Yup, that much!

Some of the hottest paid online survey sites include:

4. Paid Web Search

If you wished that you could get paid for the amount of surfing you do for a whole day, which is most of the day, then is the ultimate money-making solution for you.

This site rewards you by simply searching on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All you have to do is simply install the add-on from the site and start searching away.

During your search, you’ll come across a couple of sponsored results along the way. Each of those results has a cash reward attached to it – just click it and collect your reward. That simple!

5. Review Apps and Websites

Like browsing around for various apps and websites? Then here’s your chance to do so while earning a quick buck. allows users to review a wave of websites. Each review takes about 20 minutes to complete and will have you earning over $10 (£6.50) via Paypal. Cool ain’t it?

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