5 Products That Can Bring Your Home Extra Warmth

Your home should always have that warm, cozy feeling regardless of the season. When one thinks of warming up their home, they usually think of revving up their heater. 

While this is the most common way to do so, there are other methods of keeping your home warm.

Here are five different products that can bring your home extra warmth.


Curtains are one of the greatest ways to add warmth into your home. In fact, they’re almost always used whenever someone wants to cut back on using their utilities too much. You may be wondering how curtains can provide your home with heat.

While they’re not exactly adding heat directly, they’re keeping it in through insulation. Insulation is the process of trapping heat in an area to keep it warm. Curtains accomplish this by cutting off most of the air flow coming in through your windows.

Solar Panels

Solar panels used to only be installed in certain types of homes. However, with more homeowners wanting to go green, more people are choosing to install them. Solar panels are an effective way to give your home a little bit of extra warmth.

Installed on the roof, the panels absorb heat directly from the sun and then disperses it through your home. In conjunction with heating your home, it also lowers its temperature by a few degrees. As a result, solar panels are a good way to lower the price of your bills.

Electric Fireplaces

Fireplaces can be considered as the main rival to heaters. However, using your fireplace can cost a lot more than a heater. Luckily, there is a way to use a fireplace without causing your bills to rise; electric fireplaces.

Instead of using fossil fuels like gas and coal, electric fireplaces utilize power to heat your home. What’s more is that they don’t require as much maintenance as a regular fireplace would – check out Tim Arnold’s guide for more information.


You might have heard that shades are a great way of keeping heat out of your home. This is true, but they also can trap heat in it as well. Some people confuse shades for curtains because of their similarities. But in comparing the two, shades are thicker and usually reach the floor. Curtains are usually lighter and are designed to fit the size of the window.

Space Heaters

Lastly, space heaters are heating units used to heat small areas within the home. Usually run on electric, space heaters can add that extra warmth you made crave without turning up the thermostat.

It’s important to note that space heaters can become potential fire hazards, if not used correctly. Never leave a space heater in use unattended. Only use them while you are in the area and turn them off when you’re not. You can also look for models that have an automatic shut-off switch as well.

Especially in the cooler climates, keeping your home warm is important. Use these five products as a guide to create the perfect cozy environment in your home.


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