5 Pregnancy Myths you Need to Do Away This Year

Pregnancy is a life changing experience that comes with its ups and downs. And while we pray for the joyous moments and bringing forth a life into this world, we sometimes can’t help but listen to the sordid tales and stories made up overtime.

If you find yourself dreading pregnancy because of these old wives’ tales, worry not your pretty head anymore as we help you identify stories you shouldn’t give a second thought to.

You know what to do – keep reading.

  • Sex hurts

Many people believe the lie that sex during pregnancy is bound to hurt the fetus. This is not entirely true. A fetus is protected by amniotic sac and urine muscles which make it difficult for sex to physically hurt the fetus. Your doctor may however advise against sexual intercourse or prescribe a safer sexual position if your pregnancy is of high-risk or there are signs of preterm labor, bleeding and likes.

  • The flu shot might harm your baby

Vaccines are a scary lot for pregnant women because it is popularly believed that they do the opposite of what they’re created to do. Debunking this is vital for the safety of you and your child as having the flu will only lead to more severe health cases. There is no scientific or medical evidence that proves that flu vaccines harm fetuses.

  • Morning Sickness is what it is – Morning Sickness

That it is called morning sickness doesn’t mean it occurs only in the mornings. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day – nights inclusive – and has no particular to mornings alone.

  • Some foods might induce labor

Ever heard that fruits like pineapple and some spicy foods may induce labor? Well we have too and there are concrete scientific backings to this. Instead, avoid trying to induce labor through any means except on the demands of a certified health practitioner for the safety of you or your unborn child. 

  • COVID-19 may cause stillbirths, miscarriages or pregnancy loss

It’s stressful struggling to recover from COVID-19 and even more heartbreaking to know that you may be the cause of your fetus getting infected. One of the pandemic’s quarantine myths is that COVID-19 causes infertility, stillbirths and miscarriages. It is also greatly feared that a pregnant COVID-19 patient will definitely pass on the virus to her unborn child.

Contrary to this disheartening tale, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that COVID-19 can be contracted in the womb nor does it cause stillbirths and whatnot. Studies have however proven that it is unlikely for a woman to pass on the virus to her unborn bundle of joy in her third trimester, however high fevers in the first trimester may pose high birth defects.

Nonetheless, you should ensure to keep to the safety and health protocols as a pregnant woman to protect yourself and your child as there have been (scarce)reports of mom-to-fetus SARS-CoV-2 contraction through the placenta. 


Due to the immunological changes pregnant women undergo, they may become more vulnerable to illnesses and likes. It is crucial you stay safe and maintain an overall healthy status; including forgetting about these myths and duly researching the truth to any tale. You may also actively seek ways to see your gynecologist or obstetrician virtually to avoid frequent physical contact during these trying times of the pandemic.

We wish you a safe birth!

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