5 Places You Might Forget To Clean That You Need To

During general cleaning, some parts of the house are easy to clean, but some areas are often overlooked and forgotten. Dirt and dust easily build up no matter how frequently you clean your home’s surroundings. It’s unavoidable to neglect cleaning certain spots, especially those that are out of sight. Hard-to-reach areas at home take time to clean, but they still need special attention because even though dirt and dust in these areas can’t be seen, it would still affect your home’s overall cleanliness.

These are some of the places you might forget to clean that you need to:

  • Walls And Baseboards

Just like the floors, walls and baseboards easily magnet dirt and dust. These are the areas that are often neglected because, sometimes, grimes can’t be seen easily because of the wall paint. Wiping walls and baseboards can be complicated because it’s time-consuming. 

Even though you can’t see obvious elements on the walls, it’s important to regularly clean them because once neglected, you may already have a hard time removing dirt as more time passes. With the use of a feather duster, broom, or a soft cloth, you can easily clean walls and baseboards around your house.

  • Under Furniture And Appliances

One of the reasons you usually forget to clean the areas behind the furniture and appliances is because of their weight. Sofas, beds, refrigerators, and other pieces of furniture are heavy, that’s why loads of dust, dirt, and grime accumulate. It’s not necessary to clean the furniture area every day, but it’s ideal to keep it tidy at least thrice a month. The cleaning tool that you’ll use would depend on the area to be cleaned—it could be a cloth, broom, brush, or vacuum.

When you don’t clean these areas, there’s a possibility that your furniture or appliances will be damaged. Accumulated dirt and dust may also be a reason for the decline in the functionality of these things.

  • Under The Carpet

One of the parts of your home that needs regular cleaning is under your carpet. If you have kids or pets at home who love to hide under your rugs, it’s essential to clean them at least twice a month. Deep-seated dirt and bacteria can’t be removed just by sweeping under the rugs or shaking them off. The use of a dry carpet cleaner revitalizes and disinfects your carpet to ensure that residue buildup is removed. 

When you clean the carpet, it’s not enough to clean the surface only.  Even though the surface of is clean, if it’s dirty underneath, disease-causing bacteria can still thrive. It may also be a breeding ground for dust mites, termites, and other destructive insects.

  • Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans provide cool air, thus, it’s important to clean them frequently because dust may accumulate on the blades. If you fail to do so, you may just be swirling dust around when you turn them on. Dust in the air may cause breathing problems that trigger asthma, so it’s essential to make sure that your ceiling fan is always dust-free.

One of the common reasons why ceiling fans get broken is when dust piles up into the fan’s motor. If this is the reason why it got damaged, you may have a hard-time availing of the warranty.

To easily clean the blades, you may use a fan duster to avoid scratching the fan’s exterior and interior surfaces.

  • Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are a perfect place for grease, water stains, food traces, and other residues. The moisture in the kitchen easily gets trapped in the cabinets‘ surfaces, especially if you’re using wood, making them susceptible to mold and rot. 

Food particles and grease uncleaned from the cabinet doors may pose a health risk. These can be attractive for flies, ants, cockroaches, and other pests that bring in bacteria. You can easily transmit the bacteria to other parts of your house when you touch the cabinet handles. So, when you do your cleaning routine, wipe and sanitize the surfaces, as well as their handles.

Final Thoughts

To ensure that you’re able to clean every nook and cranny of your home, create a checklist every time you do your cleaning routine. This way, you won’t forget to clean the places that also need attention. So, if you often fail to clean your kitchen cabinets, beneath your furniture and appliances, under the carpets, or even your ceiling fans, include them now in your checklist and you’ll be surprised at how you can enhance the cleanliness in your home.