5 of the Best CBD Gummies for 2019

The CBD industry is saturated with companies trying to win your business and affection. They offer all kinds of products ranging from topicals and vapes to patches and tinctures—but what you are interested in are edibles, particularly gummies.

It’s understandable. Gummies are arguably the most delicious form of ingestible CBD products currently available. Why make your tongue endure an earthy taste when you can enjoy the flavors of green apples and oranges? It might take longer to feel their effects because your stomach has a bit of digesting to do first, but they have the same benefits that come with cannabidiol. Plus, they make it much easier to measure what dosage you are taking.

Not every company vying for your attention are equal, though. The CBD industry is dangerously unregulated, so there are companies out there trying to take advantage of your ignorance about CBD and its legal status to sell you inferior if not outright dangerous products. When shopping for the best gummies, here are a few elements to pay attention to:

  • Certificate of Analysis: any company that cares about its customers and the quality of its products will send its goods to third-party labs for testing. These labs will test for purity and potency, and then publish the results as a COA. Does the company make its COAs easily accessible?
  • Farming transparency: Where does the company grow its hemp? Preferably, it comes from cannabis-friendly states like Colorado and Kentucky (these states emphasize clean soil and other quality farming practices). It’s not inherently bad if it comes from overseas, but such hemp may be subject to less rigorous testing. Double-check that the company’s hemp is pesticide-free.
  • Extraction method: How does the company extract CBD from hemp? There are multiple processes, each with their own pros and cons. CO2 extraction is popular, but methods like hydrocarbon solvent extraction leave the potential for toxic solvent residue.

Shopping for CBD is not something you can do while asleep. Here are a few reputable brands to get you started:

Verma Farms

Verma Farms is newer to the scene, but its organic CBD gummies are delicious and come in a variety of concentrations. Many gummies come in predictable integers like 5mg per candy (which may be too mild depending on your symptoms), 10, or 30. It’s hard to find the dosage that’s just right, not too little so that you don’t notice a difference, but not too much that you feel tired and needlessly spend money. Verma’s gummies include 10, 12.5, 19, and 21mg concentrations, so you can find a dosage that works for you if your symptoms are not too severe.

Charlotte’s Web

When shopping for the best CBD gummies, it’s also a good idea to look at what other ingredients are included. Sometimes it’s something like coconut oil, but other times its a unique substance to narrow the gummy’s purpose. “Sleep” gummies from Charlotte’s Web, for instance, are made with melatonin to improve your night’s rest, and its Recovery variety contains agents like turmeric and ginger for their anti-inflammatory qualities. Charlotte’s Web is also a famous brand on the CBD landscape for its quality.


CBDistillery uses organic hemp from Colorado and employs a CO2 extraction process. Something that distinguishes its products is that they use vegan ingredients, including natural flavors and coloring. They are reasonably priced and contain CBD isolate, which may not include as many health benefits as full or broad spectrum gummies, but they should offer you some reassurance if you are particularly nervous about drug tests.

Sunday Scaries

People take CBD for countless reasons. Are you suffering from chronic pain? CBD may be able to help with that. Are you feeling anxious? CBD can calm you down. Whether you deal with a legitimate disorder or simply feel frustrated at work or in traffic, Sunday Scaries’ CBD gummies can help. It’s not likely that your symptoms or situation will abruptly stop, though—after all, CBD is not a cure for anything—so Sunday Scaries offers a monthly plan to keep the CBD rolling if you don’t want to order one bottle at a time.

Green Roads

Green Roads is another famous brand that offers high-quality products to help with sleep, anxiety, pain, and more. Something that makes Green Roads a bit more fun, though, is that its gummies come in cute shapes like froggies, bears, and fruit bites—and they even include sour varieties. With concentrations as high as 50mg per candy, Green Roads probably has a gummy suited for you.

CBD gummies are delicious and come with numerous health benefits, but some are better than others, and some are better than others for you. Which CBD gummies are you interested in trying?

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