5 Must Have Furniture for a Rustic Style Dining Room

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, the dining room is the soul. It’s where the hard work of the kitchen breathes life and turns food into a meal. This is where we have our debates, our laughs, and where we as people congregate to nourish our spirit. How we design our dining room, is a reflection of how we want to enjoy the comforts of home. It is where our family and our friends sit and let the stress of the day come off of their shoulders. It is where we entertain and get to know people. In the spirit of beautiful countryside, and the charm of the old world, rustic design has come to remind us of all that is traditional and wonderful about simpler times and simpler places. Here are the pieces that, together, emulate that same warm, homey atmosphere. 


The focal point of the dining room is the dining table. And when it comes to rustic design, there isn’t much glass or metal involved. Usually, we’re thinking of wood. Large, beautiful, sturdy pieces of wood that can accommodate families and friends from all over. The purpose of these large and sturdy tables, is to enforce the idea of permanence in the home. It is an anchor. It’s where we set our roots. If you do opt for a metal, make sure that the finish has a few imperfections. Copper adds a wonderful touch to a dining table, especially if it is a repurposed door or a good barnwood table. The way copper oxidizes, gives a beautiful emerald green that complements the deep browns and earthy colors of wood. Another wonderful idea for a rustic table is a solid slab cut straight from the tree. You can see the rings and the intricacies of what was once a giant and imposing being, right in front of you. Be sure that these large wooden pieces, repurposed or not, have been properly finished in polished. Although we do want that farmhouse look. Few things are more uncomfortable than splinters during dinner.


Tables may be the big centerpiece, but the chairs make all the difference. When it comes to chairs, there should be a balance between style and comfort. Make sure that the hue of each is the exact same or complementary to that of the table. As far as cushions, utilize traditional or cultural weaving patterns.You can go for a classic poncho weave, or even a danish cord. Now, these patterns are traditionally used for outdoor furniture, but it is exactly that stylistic choice that serves as a thesis statement for the whole look


Often, the most ignored piece of a dining room, is a good cupboard. Current modern design as for Dan the use of a cupboard in favor of minimalist pieces, and clean lines. In today’s kitchens there are a plethora of shelves and convenient Storage pieces built into the walls. But a good display is the hallmark of an old-school dining room. It made more sense to have the plates and silverware close to the table, and not tucked Away in some hidden compartment by the sink. A good cupboard reminds us of an ancestral home filled with bowls and a beautifully designed serving dishes, and gilded tea cups. This is the exact look we are going for. In the economy of space, a rustic dining room favors the furniture as opposed to the floor. 


Along with a cupboard, a sideboard is an often forgotten staple of old world design. It serves a similar purpose to a cupboard, but with the additional feature of a surface used to place buffet dishes. The utility of the sideboard is meant for entertaining guests. It’s the unsung workhorse of serving to large groups. It’s not only an amazing addition, but keeps people from reaching over each other while talking at the dinner table. 

Lighting fixtures 

The next piece, or set of pieces, our lighting fixtures. You can have a beautiful wooden table, reminiscent of the old country. But it would get lost on modern white LED lights. Now, when it comes to lighting fixtures, this is where you can play on modern themes. Sure, you can go with the repurposed milk cans with the bottom cut out, or you can play with color and geometric patterns. The effect of the latter, adds a bit of a creative touch indicative of the times. 

A rustic style dining room is always a good addition to any home. It removes the coldness of the day and reminds us all of what is truly important. The colors and the unfinished edges bring a sense of nostalgia in this modern world. There’s no doubt that you will love it. 

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