5 Most Common Winter Hair Problems and How To Deal With Them

Hello, beauties! No doubt that winter is the most beautiful and the most wonderful time of the year, but the temperature difference is merciless to our hair. Freezing weather, dry indoor air, and other winter dangers are waiting for us at every step. So, we have to learn about how to care for our hair quickly. This article will guide you on the five most spread hair problems that you can face during the cold months and the best solutions. By the way, if you are looking for the proper winter hair care for your locks, I recommend you to visit Monica’s blog to get expert reviews and tips.

What Happens To Your Hair In Winter?

  • Dry and dull hair

Who to blame: Thanks to the heating, in winter, indoor air is much drier than in summer. In addition, you use a hairdryer more often, because even if you are in no hurry, walking around the apartment with a wet head is quite uncomfortable. Also, don’t forget about the hats and beanies. While you are wearing a cute hat, your locks rub against each other that leads to open scales of the outer layer, and so the moisture disappears.

Your best solution: Try drying your hair with cool air. However, don’t forget to apply a heat-protective spray anyway. Most of them have moisturizing elements, so your hair will get sleeker. Use the hair conditioner or balm every second time you wash your hair. It means if you wash the hair every day starting from Monday, apply conditioner on Tuesday.

  • Electrified hair

Who to blame: Heating and warmness! Static electricity is caused by friction, and hair is a good conductor. If you put on a woolen sweater or combed your hair with a plastic comb, the hair turns out to be positively or negatively charged. The same charges repel each other, so the hair scatters in different directions, and your head looks like a dandelion.

Your best solution: Use combs with the ionization function, apply indelible softening hair conditioners, or use special anti-static products for hair.

  • Hair lacks volume

Who to blame: Tight hats, hoods, temperature changes. For example, by the time you got to the subway, your hair had cooled, and once you get into the office, it warms. The scalp skin cells secrete sebum, and your hair looks like you washed it last time a month ago.

Your best solution: Take a dry shampoo with you. By absorbing excess sebum, it will allow the hairstyle to regain volume.

  • The hairstyle doesn’t hold by

Who to blame: Again, the hat, the weather, and the temperature differences.

Your best solution: Stylists recommend to change the haircut. Choose the one that will keep the form without additional actions. Volumetric styling products will also come in handy. In addition, the hairstyle should be done the day before or several hours before the exit: the hair should fix the shape. Otherwise, the cap will act as a press, and the finishing products won’t work as they should.

  • Dandruff

Who to blame: Dry or oily scalp skin that is also a result of changing temperatures and wearing hats.

Your best solution: Change your hair care. Consult your hairstylist to determine whether your skin became oily or dry, and choose proper products.

I really hope this article will help you to solve the winter hair caring problems. Remember that your hair care and winter hair care must be as sophisticated as your skin care routine!

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