5 Most Amazing Places To Visit In Hue, Vietnam

Vietnam is an amazing country with beautiful scenery, monuments and relaxation spots for maximum satisfaction of any tourist. This is even more so in Hue, which was the capital of Vietnam between 1802-1945 (143 years), and this singular fact makes Hue a rich repertoire of culture and history. Although that is not all about the beautiful small city; there are beautiful scenery and lush spots for calm reflection and relaxation. Whether you are a tourist concerned about arts and culture or you are just in search of pure enjoyment, Hue is the place to be. Here are ten amazing spots you can visit as you plan your next vacation, to Hue Vietnam.

Bach Ma National Park

This park consists of 220 square kilometers of greenery to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature. It is located in the Annamite mountains region and along with its lush vegetations and animals, will make you spellbound. It is an excellent spot for relaxation.

Perfume River

Hue is known for its beautiful waters, with the Purple river being a hallmark. The river is so called because orchards surround it. Aromatic flowers from the orchards fall into the waters, giving it its sweet-smelling savor. Imagine how a boat ride in this perfumed river would feel like.

The Imperial City

The Imperial City is an essential landmark in Hue. It is rich in history and is an architectural masterpiece. It provided a home and protection for Vietnam’s emperors. During the bitter Battle of Hue, many parts of the citadel were damaged. But the government is now doing an excellent job at restoring its beauty.

Thien Mu Pagoda

The Thien Mu Pagoda is a religious site. It is still a sacred worship site for Vietnam’s Buddhists to date. Visiting this site, you have a chance to savor the architectural beauty and learn the history of Hue and Vietnam. You could get here by a boat ride which is itself a wonderful adventure.

Hue Museum Of The Royal Fine Arts

If you are traveling to Hue to learn the history and culture, this is the ultimate spot for you. It contains artifacts that tell stories of Vietnam’s Imperial rule and tumultuous history. You would find a fantastic adventure in learning about Vietnam’s many battles. It is also a cool spot for relaxation.

The fun and cultural richness of Hue does not end with the above five. Apart from the ones above, there are also amazing spots that would make your trip to Hue enjoyable. You can take a relaxing bath in Hue’s Lang Co beach, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Or you could visit the natural Elephant Springs to have some refreshing moment of quiet.

The Thai Hoa Palace and 7 Royal Tombs are beautiful places to visit. You get a chance to look at the ruins of Hue and learn deep history. Whatever you want, Hue is for you.

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