5 Highest Paying Non-Physician Jobs in Healthcare

When you talk about high paying jobs in healthcare, the first thing most people think of is physicians. However, there are other high paying jobs in the medical field, some of them paying better than medical doctors. More importantly, many of these jobs are in great demand and are often more accessible than many might imagine. Here are the 5 highest paying non-physician jobs in healthcare.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

The category of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, or APRN, includes nursing professionals who’ve earned a master’s degree and passed certification exams to work in their area of expertise. APRNs include nurse midwives, nurse anesthetists and nurse practitioners. Their median salary is $114,000 a year. For comparison, registered nurses have a median salary of around $72,000 a year. Job openings for these skilled nurses are expected to grow by a third over the next ten years.

Physician Assistants

Physician assistants work alongside physicians or, in some cases, in place of them. Physician assistants can examine patients, diagnose issues and treat a variety of complaints. They can also order medication. They’ve completed at least a master’s degree to hold this position. Most physician assistants work in doctor’s offices, while others work in outpatient clinics or hospitals. Employment is expected to rise roughly forty percent over the next ten years. Their median pay is $110,000 a year.

Medical and Health Services Manager

The medical and health services manager is an upper level healthcare administrator. They may be called healthcare managers or healthcare executives. They’re responsible for coordinating and directing medical services in almost all types of healthcare facilities. They may manage a single department or the entire hospital. They may head a clinic or supervise a group of physicians. They create and monitor budgets, hire and train staff, and monitor compliance with medical and legal requirements. Their median salary hovers around $100,000 a year. Demand for these medical professionals is predicted to grow by 20% over the next ten years.

While the minimum education to fill this role is a bachelor’s degree, higher education is usually necessary. One thing you could do, however, is get a masters in healthcare administration online if you want to increase your chances. Institutions like Boston College, for instance, offer online programs that teach you everything top healthcare employers want you to know, and their program allows you to attend classes while working.

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineers analyze problems and design solutions using a combination of engineering and medical expertise. They may design new medical equipment, improve healthcare related software or improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care. Most biomedical engineers hold a bachelor’s degree at a minimum. Median pay hovers around $90,000 a year. Employment for these professionals is expected to grow by 7% over the next ten years.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapists help patients manage pain, improve their range of motion and recover from surgery or accidents. They create treatment plans and assess individuals.

Physical therapists are among the best paid therapists. Physical therapists have a median salary of $88,000 a year. Demand for these professionals is expected to increase by nearly 30% over the next ten years.

Demand for skilled professionals is growing across the medical industry. Whether you want a change of pace, or want a healthcare career that allows you to work behind the scenes, all of these options are great choices.

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