5 Handmade-Furniture Ideas You Can Try for Fun at Home

When you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, a great way to pass time, get creative, and be somewhat productive is to take up a hobby. If you have ever put off redecorating or redesigning your home, now’s the perfect time to actually make good on your plans. You can choose from a number of creative activities, but if you’ve always been handy with wood and some power tools, consider making handmade furniture.

It is important to have to disconnect from the internet and the news during this pandemic, and that is why doing something creative is a great way to cope. It is fun, and you may find that you can sell your creations for extra income. There are plenty of dependable e-commerce platforms with competitive rates and loads of features. Setting up a shop should be hassle-free and quick.

Without further ado, here are handmade-furniture ideas you can try at home.

Fish-Tank Coffee Table

An unexpected and unique piece of furniture you can make for your home is a fish-tank coffee table. Yes, you read that right: an aquarium installed in the coffee table. It sounds more complicated than it looks, but it’s basically a fish tank installed with features of a small table.

Remember to leave enough space between the glass and the top of the coffee table to minimize any condensation. Placing the glass around six inches away from the top of the aquarium helps keep the glass clear and clean.

You can put this coffee table in its usual spot in the living room. It is a great conversation piece and mesmerizing to look at when it is teeming with thriving aquatic life forms. Here is a great tutorial if you’re interested in building one.

Pipe Bookshelf

An industrial bookshelf is an easy DIY project that adds something interesting to the home. If it fits your room aesthetic, a bookshelf made out of pipes is a cheaper alternative to one made out of pure wood. It can go as high as the ceiling if you prefer.

The layout and dimensions differ per household so make sure to plan thoroughly. As for pipes, there are many inexpensive places you can get them in bulk, so this is a great project for those with a budget. Check out this step-by-step tutorial.

Sliding Door

Sliding doors are great for closets and other small spaces that need to be covered. These kinds of doors save up so much space compared to regular doors usually found in homes. Try out making a lightweight sliding barn door for your closet or unused rooms inside the house.

Kiddie Bookcase

Making a small bookcase for the kids’ rooms may be a good idea to start on while everyone is at home. You can ask for ideas and suggestions from the kids, including the color they want it painted and where it should be. Smaller woodwork projects won’t take long for as long as all the materials are on hand and ready to be worked on. Once the bookshelf is built, have your kid help out by painting it together, and treat it as a parent-and-child project.

Shutter Corner Shelf

If you ever have old shutter doors lying around, you can turn them into corner shelves for the kitchen or anywhere you like. Reusing old wood instead of buying new ones is great for those who are working with a budget, and you get to utilize what you already have. 

Paint the shelves in colors you like, but make sure they go well with the existing aesthetic. On the other hand, bring a pop of color into a plain-looking spot of your home by painting DIY projects in unusual but appealing colors.

DIY projects are great at helping one get their mind off certain things, and there’s no better time than now to do so. So get up and get to it! There may be a project that you’ll end up loving.

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