5 Fun Crafts You Can Make With an Electronic Cutting Machine

Cutting machines are incredibly versatile – which is why they are so popular among crafters right now.

Although cutting machines have been around for a while, they definitely weren’t as versatile and easy to operate as they are today. Older cutting machines took sets of cartridges with pre-drawn stencils – but replacing the cartridges got expensive fast.

With today’s electronic cutting machines, the possibilities are endless.

Modern cutting machines can be hooked up to your computer, meaning you can cut out the shape of virtually anything. Electronic cutting machines also come with easy-to-use design software so you can create your own shapes.   

Read on to discover five things you can make with an electronic cutting machine.

1. Personalized Stickers

Personal planners have replaced the scrapbooking craze – that’s why cute stickers have become really popular among crafters on Etsy.

Creating personal planners and decorating them with themed, seasonal, decorative, or functional stickers that you make with your electronic cutting machine isn’t just fun; you can also sell your unique stickers and designs.

2. Die Cuts

Die-cutting is a way to transform your crafts because it’s a way to quickly cut out intricate shapes without scissors, stencils, or craft knives. Die-cutting saves a lot of time, and your cut-outs will be consistent and professional-looking every time.

Electronic cutting machines can create die cuts for paper elements in handmade cards, party banners, scrapbook pages, decorations, and much more.

3. Felt and Fabric Shapes

Making a quilt has never been easier with an electronic cutting machine – just make sure your machine can cut felt and fabric.

Any design is possible with felt and a cutting machine – from nursery decorations, fancy-dress costumes, educational toys, elements for handmade cards, scrapbooks, banners, or even felt earrings.

4. Personalized Gifts

If you know someone who just experienced a significant life event – like a birthday, job promotion, graduation, wedding, etc., you can make them a personalized gift with your electronic cutting machine.

Ironed-on customized designs are a great way to add a personal touch to any gift – you can make monogrammed briefcases, personalized shirts, coffee mugs, flasks… anything you can think of!

5. Custom Labels

Custom labels can be used in a variety of ways. You can create labels for all your preschooler’s belongings so they don’t get lost, or you can use them to organize your office or home.

You can create labels for your files, tab dividers, desk drawers, or you can get creative with your kitchen décor by making aesthetically-appealing labels for all your spice containers.

Final Words

Modern electronic cutting machines can cut shapes out of a huge variety of materials. The most popular uses for cutting machines among crafters are for papercrafts, felt, and vinyl.

If you enjoy papercrafts, stock up on cardstock, vellum, and an assortment of colored scrapbooking paper. If you enjoy working with vinyl, all you’ll need is iron-on vinyl, adhesive vinyl, and transfer tape.

Consider selling custom t-shirts and mugs, vinyl decals, and handmade cards if you’re looking for a side hustle that harnesses your creativity. With an electronic cutting machine, you are only limited by your imagination!