5 Fun and Easy Tips to Enhance Instagram Engagement in 2019

Since its release in 2010, Instagram has grown bigger and powerful with every year. This year, the platform is one of the most popular apps in the world and the go-to place if you want to engage with businesses, celebrities, and influencers across the world.

Enhancing Instagram engagement in 2019 is the key to boosting your popularity on social media and to raise brand awareness if you have one. At first sight, it may look difficult, but by using these fun and easy tips you can go from Instagram newbie to guru level in just a few days!

Scale down your posting habits

Many users think that a significant quantity of posts per day will get them more visibility. Paradoxically, the more you post the bigger the chance to drive followers away, as they will see your activity as spamming.

Choose quality over quantity and stick to 1-3 posts per day. Use the “Insight” feature on your profile to determine when your most active followers are online and schedule your posts to match their activity. This way, you will have a good chance of engaging them into leaving likes and comments for your posts.

Users want stories, not lectures

The trend of social media quotes and “words to live by” is steadily declining. People no longer have the taste for inspirational proverbs, which they regard now to be kitschy and lecture-like. Instead, they prefer to take their inspiration from real-life stories.

Use your posts to tell a story even if the content itself comes from other accounts. It could very well be user-generated content that you upload. As long as you don’t make it sound preachy, you have a good chance to increase Instagram engagement in 2019.

Post more video content

According to social media marketers and InstaGrowing experts, more and more users prefer video content to traditional photos. It seems that people have taken a liking to watch small clips instead of glancing at a long feed of images.

You can boost your Instagram engagement rate in 2019 by posting more video content. Fortunately, Instagram offers plenty of video features, and you may choose from small clips, live streaming videos, IGTV clips, and interactive Stories.

Don’t forget about GIFs!

One video format that it seems to never go out of style is the GIF format. Users love to see small clips that never exceed 15 seconds of footage. Most of them range between 3 and 7 seconds and attract plenty of views, likes, and comments.

You can post GIFs anytime, and even insert them in other video formats, such as Instagram Stories. They work like a charm, and if you choose to buy Instagram story views, you will see your engagement rate skyrocket through the roof.

Team Up with an Instagram influencer

If you lack the audience for your daily posts, you should bring in the help of an Instagram influencer. There are many users out there who specialize in attracting large numbers of followers simply by incorporating brands in their posts.

Look for a powerful influencer in your niche and ask for their help. Propose a collaboration that will benefit both of you, and which will make some of their admirers join your following as well. This strategy offers great long-term results, and you should see your Instagram engagement increase steadily in the long run.

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