5 Features That Women Should Look For in a Healthcare Plan

As women, taking care of everyone else comes easily to us – even if it’s at the cost of our own health. We just never seem to have the time to keep a balanced life in which our own health is a priority, which makes choosing the best healthcare plan of utmost priority. This is because having a healthcare plan catered to women will enable us to take better care of our health without having to keep postponing our appointments for financial reasons. A proper healthcare plan will also shed light on the important aspects of our health that we usually neglect or forget about. 

If you’re looking for a healthcare plan to enroll in, here are 5 features you should search for:

1. Financial Support

For most of us, the most pressing issue when it comes to healthcare is its financial aspect. If you’re an uninsured woman due to lack of employment or any other reasons, you’ll find that healthcare can be very financially draining. You’d choose to save your money for more pressing issues, but our health is a pressing issue. If left untreated, various complications are bound to arise that will deter your quality of life and your ability to fulfill your responsibilities. 

Instead of waiting for your health, the better option would be to look for healthcare plans that are affordable through various financial support programs. You’ll find many programs fitting this description, it all comes down to your own eligibility to enroll in any of those programs. For instance, Medicare is an example of these programs, in which eligible individuals get 80% of their healthcare costs covered by the government. For the remaining 20% coverage, you can check if you qualify here for the supplemental Plan F. Plan F covers all of the remaining costs in exchange for a monthly premium that you pay, although it has its specific requirements. Medicaid is another financial support program provided by the government for low-income individuals. 

2. Preventive Healthcare

You should always check all the benefits that a healthcare plan provides, with preventive healthcare being on top of the list. Most women focus on maternity coverage when, in fact, they should look for preventive healthcare first. Preventive healthcare will cover a plethora of services, which most healthcare plans in the marketplace include their coverage today. You can expect to get the following benefits in preventive healthcare:

  1. Routine anemia screening
  2. Contraception, with access to FDA-approved medications and techniques
  3. Hepatitis screening
  4. Urinary tract infection screening
  5. Breast cancer screening
  6. Cervical cancer screening
  7. Diabetes screening
  8. Domestic violence screening
  9. Osteoporosis screening
  10. Sexual health counseling
  11. Well-women visits

When you’re choosing a plan, you should also check its policies and regulations. Some plans will provide coverage only to physicians and services part of their network, with out-of-network services completely covered by you. 

3. Maternity Coverage

All plans will also provide maternity coverage, which will include maternity care and childbirth. You won’t have to worry if you are pregnant before you enroll in the plan, you’ll still be covered. However, the real trick comes down to other maternity services that aren’t covered in all plans. Before committing to a plan, make sure about the coverage status of the following benefits:

  1. Pregnancy counseling
  2. Prenatal care
  3. Midwifery services
  4. High-risk pregnancy additional coverage
  5. Labor and delivery outside of a hospital
  6. Neonatal care

4. Mental Health Coverage

We always focus on the physical aspect of our health, when our psychological aspect is just as crucial. Psychological conditions such as prolonged stress, anxiety, and depression can quickly become overwhelming if we don’t address them. Finding a healthcare plan that provides mental health care coverage will encourage you to consciously address these issues and get to the bottom of the problem. Whether you’re overwhelmed with your responsibilities or you’re suffering due to unresolved family issues, this kind of coverage will help you in managing and maintaining your emotional well-being.

5. Family Coverage

Especially if you’re a single parent, getting coverage for your children will help you in taking better care of them. You won’t have to be limited by your financial restrictions to give them the care they deserve. In addition to getting coverage on treatment procedures, your coverage should include preventative care as well, such as immunization and behavioral screenings.

When looking for a healthcare plan, there are a few features you should focus on to get the maximum benefit. For starters, you should check your eligibility for enrolling in a financially supported program offered by the government. The plan of your choice should include other crucial features, such as preventative care. In addition to that, make sure you choose a plan that offers maternity, mental health, and family coverage as well.

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