5 Exercises to Improve Your Smile

Exercise is essential in keeping the body in shape. You most likely hit the gym often. Did you know that you also need to exercise your face to improve your smile? According to a study, facial exercises are essential in improving the skin tone, visible lines, elasticity, and perfecting your smile. That’s why you should exercise your face more to achieve a pleasant smile. There are muscles in your body that need to be strengthened through exercise which will also make you look younger and healthier. Here are five exercises that can improve your smile.

1. The Smile Exercise

The smile exercise strengthens the facial muscles which control your smile. Exercising the muscles often will help you gain control over the happy expressions of your face. Stand or sit before a mirror and make sure you are comfortable. Look at the mirror, relax your face and keep your lips still.

Stretch the edges of your mouth away from one another and stretch the lips without parting them. Hold for ten seconds. Open your lips enough to make your molars visible while you stretch your mouth to the sides, and hold for ten seconds.

The next step is to open your mouth wider enough to show half of your teeth and again hold for ten seconds. The final one, smile with your mouth wide enough to show all your teeth and hold and as usual, hold for ten seconds.  Repeat the four steps. Feel free to use your index finger to stretch your mouth at the corners.

2. The Neck Exercise/Fish Face

This exercise helps to tone and stretch your neck muscle to make your cheeks less flabby and boosting your facial muscles.

Begin the procedure by sucking the lips and cheeks to resemble a fish face. While holding that face, smile. Relax and repeat the process. The facial movement will work out your facial muscles.

Talking about facial movements, if you have synkinesis you can go for a synkinesis surgery which will help you get back that golden smile.

3. The Smile Line Eraser

This kind of exercise will help clear the fine lines that show around your mouth, make you look younger and award you with a more natural and brilliant smile. For yogis, they refer to the exercise as a fish pose. It’s a simple procedure.

Purse your lips as much as possible by sucking in your cheeks then rolling out your lips. Try to smile while you pucker up. Hold on to the pose until you feel an aching sensation around your mouth and release. Perform the exercise not more than once every day in order to prevent the muscles of the face from straining.

4. The Neck Roll

The exercise is suitable for people who have double chins. The exercise helps someone get rid of a double chin. The exercise tones your jawline, chin muscles, and the neck. The neck roll tightens the neck skin, gets rid of wrinkles, and reduces skin sagging.

Kick start the procedure by sitting comfortably and face forward. Bend your head to the side and line it up with the chin. Rotate it in a circular motion. Keep your spine straight and relax your shoulders while you perform this exercise. Make the circular motions from clockwise and anticlockwise directions for minutes. Repeat the procedure.

5. The Face Lift Exercise

The facelift exercise benefits facial muscle more than other exercises by engaging the quadratus labli superioris. Exercising this particular muscle helps to prevent sagging skin and making your face look younger.

To perform this exercise, open your mouth slightly and relax the upper lip as much as you can. Flare your nostril as open as possible and wrinkle your nose. Pull your upper lip towards the nose and hold for ten seconds then release slowly. Repeat that ten times.


Everyone deserves a smile. After all, it improves your health and affects the moods of the people around you. Use facial exercises to enhance your smile. Perform the exercises daily for better results. However, don’t overwork your facial muscles.

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