5 Exercises That Boost Libido

Sex is an important activity. It’s not just for procreation but pleasure as well. Sexual performance is a serious issue that receives so much attention. You must have watched those ads on TV selling drugs that can boost libido. The downside is that those pills come with side effects even though the manufacturer will say otherwise. You can increase your sex drive naturally through exercise. Exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins to impact your hormones. Let’s unravel the five exercises that boost libido.

1. Yoga

The benefits of yoga are vast and sexual health is one of the areas. Yoga helps to maintain body psychic and internal balance. The practice regulates optimal hormonal production in the body, relaxes the mind, and soothes anxiety and stress. With such effect on the body physically and mentally, yoga boost libido and sexual desire naturally.

Besides, you would want to spice up your sex with some new positions. Yoga helps your body to be flexible which results in better sex stamina by drawing your energy in and up. Go for yoga poses that improve the pelvic muscles such as Peacock Pose, Shoulder Stand, and Bow Pose.

2. Abdominal and Pelvic Exercises

Crunches are not enjoyable to do, but those people with abs have the strength to grind and ride their partners. Start considering them a necessity rather than “they are no fun.” Our abdominal muscles help the reproductive organs perform their tasks. Working those muscle groups can help control the contractions usually experienced during the excitement of the release.

Some exercises like pelvic floor exercises and kegel exercises strengthen the internal pelvic muscle that you feel whenever you are releasing urine and clearing your bladder. This process can help you gain more control on your internal muscle which can boost libido and give you control over your muscles .

3. Barbell Hip Thrust

Of all exercises, this is the one that mimics a sexual position more. The exercise is also one of the most effective exercises to improve your sex drive. Moreover, exercise adds muscle mass and strengthens your lower body, especially the glutes.

It’s almost impossible to not think of sex when performing this exercise, and you don’t want to embarrass yourself by messing your pants. When performing this exercise, avoid making eye contact with the opposite sex, unless both of you want to go down.

4. Weight Lifting

Short, intense exercise such as weight lifting has been known to improve testosterone levels. It’s recommended to lift enough to feel fatigued by the 10th time.

Do some push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches to improve your sex life. These muscle-building exercises strengthen the shoulder, chest, and abs. The upper body needs to be stronger because it increases stamina since these muscles are helpful during intercourse. Talking of stamina, have you ever heard of goat weed for women? It’s an ancient Chinese herb that boosts sex drive. Maybe it’s the reason China has the largest population. You could give it to your partner and work together towards having the best sex ever.

5. Run But Less Often

Most men know that low testosterone reduces sex drive. High testosterone levels mean more confidence & higher libido; and it may help men find romantic partners.  A study was done on runners’ testosterone and immunity levels. The results showed that runners have a higher immunity, but their testosterone is relatively low.

The conclusion was that runners use all their energy resources which also takes away the libido energy needed for mating purposes. The body’s response to extreme exercise is to reduce testosterone levels. Exercise is not bad. It’s good for your sex, but long endurance like a marathon is no, no!


Being a man is not just about buying her drinks, treating a woman right, and showing on her doorstep with a bunch of roses. You have to satisfy her in bed and make her feel like a queen. Use these exercises to boost your libido.

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