5 DIY Wood Gifts for Your Mom in 2020

Photo Credit by Nynne Schrøder on Unsplash

What mom does not love receiving a homemade gift? These are the gifts that are treasured forever. However, it does not matter if someone is an experienced do-it-yourself crafter or new to this completely, there are some wood gifts to consider that every mom would love to receive.

While one option is to head to Modern Timber Craft to find some options, there are also some good ideas on the list below.

1. DIY Knife Block

For many people, finding a way to store their kitchen knives where they will stay sharp and be safely out of the way, is an ongoing challenge. With most people having a huge collection of knives, this is a huge source of frustration.

There is a simple DIY solution: a knife block. While it is possible to purchase these pre-made, it is so much better for the gift giver to make them. There is a variety of plans available that show the proper steps for creating this must-have kitchen essential.

2. Wood Trivets

Trivets are another must-have kitchen essential. Everyone deals with hot pots and pans and the need for having someplace to put them to prevent damage to their counters. With a DIY wooden kitchen trivet, this issue is resolved. What’s even better is that it is possible to create a trivet in virtually any shape and size a person wants or needs.

3. Wooden Phone Charging Station and Amplifier

If the gift is for a mom who enjoys playing music on their phone, then building a wooden phone amplifier is a smart move. Not only that, but it offers a great looking option for holding any phone while playing music. Also, when designed according to the available plans, it can boost the sound levels from the phone by eight to 10 decibels. Even better, it helps to distribute the sound all around the room thanks to the megaphone style design.

4. Tapered Salt and Pepper Shakers

If someone needs to create a DIY wooden gift for more than one person, then a set of tapered salt and pepper shakers is a great option. Not only do they look great, but they can be made quickly and used right away.

5. Wooden Spatula

While spatulas may not seem like the average turning project, but it is a great gift for any mom. It is possible to use a lathe to easily shape the handle and to add new accents. It is possible to find step-by-step instructions to create the perfect spatula that will become a kitchen staple.

The Key to a Successful DIY Wood Project

For anyone who wants to create an amazing DIY wood project for their mother, they should consider the options that are found on this list. Each of the items here would be something that any mom would love and since it is made by the gift giver, it makes it even more special than something that is purchased in a store or shipped from an online retailer.

Remember, working with wood is an acquired skill. This means it is necessary to learn what to do and how to safely complete these projects before getting started. Being informed and knowing the right way to make a DIY wood gift will ensure that any mom loves the item they receive.

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