5 Cool Tips For Hiring The Best Moving Company

Moving is almost as constant as change. Every year, there are usually quite high rates of location change in the United States alone. Whether it is to a rented space, personal home/office, or university accommodation, everyone at one time or the other, have had to move. Although moving properties from one location to another can be very demanding, but you can be one of the people who never experience any stress when trying to move houses. To be one of these few people who experience expertise, at its finest, you need to consider these five cogent tips for hiring the best moving company.

Inventory And Estimates

One key pointer of a company that has your best interest at heart when it comes to moving your belongings is when the company has a properly structured inventory of every item to be moved. For instance, a company, like Premiere Van Lines Vancouver which covers the areas Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Langley, Abbotsford, Richmond, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Surrey, Fraser Valley, and Coquitlam, have a systemic way of taking an inventory of every single item to be moved. Not only do they have a catalog, they also check and weigh everything thoroughly to give the accurate estimate.

Payment Completion After Delivery

A standard moving company would not be quick to ask for the total sum before offering the service. When you request the services of Premiere Van Lines Vancouver, your bill is giving to you upon agreement and schedule for the move. You are allowed to sort out this bill after you have confirmed the total delivery of all your goods to the right destination.


Getting referrals cannot be emphasized enough. The right word of mouth would save you the stress of having a horrible experience with incompetent moving companies. These referrals can be gotten from friends and families. You can also get them from moving associations with different users sharing their experiences and reviews.

Insurance And Protection

Before choosing a moving company, be sure that the company has a valid insurance policy and valuation protection which suits your needs perfectly. It would be sad if you go with a company that damages your goods and you cannot get a refund for your items that were tampered with. Premiere Van Lines Vancouver is not only a quality moving company; it has proper and valid moving insurance and valuation protection for every customer.

Frequent Name Switches

One thing you have to be wary of is moving companies who have switched names in the past. As trivial as this may seem, you might want to probe why the company in question keeps changing names. Most incompetent moving companies have changed their names intending to avoid being accessed by the Bureau that handles these issues. Ensure that the company has not just a functional website, but a local address with all the right information. Also, do some research on the history of the company and customers’ past experiences.

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