5 Common Types of Cyber Crime That Make the Internet a Scary Place to Be

How much do you think cyber crime cases cost society each year? Would you believe me if I told you that the industry is becoming as profitable as the illegal drug market?

Believe it or not, digital crime will cost about $6 trillion by 2021.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to learn about the types of cyber crime that could affect you and your family. Read on to learn about the five most common types of internet crimes.

  1. Identity Theft

Decades ago, identity theft happened when you lost your wallet. Now, it happens online when people steal your data.

Online identity thieves don’t need to have your physical credit card to take your money. Instead, they steal your card numbers from companies you’ve done business with. They can also get your information by pretending to be a business.

Here are a few ways identity theft happens:

  • Shopping on unsecured websites
  • Using weak online passwords
  • Phishing
  • Downloading malicious software
  • Discarded mobile devices or laptops

Regardless of how it happens, your information ends up in the wrong hands. Avoid this internet crime by keeping your credit card data private.

  1. Cyber Stalking

Admit it — we’ve all looked up our exes on social media before. Contacting old friends online is common in modern times. If you send repeated unwanted messages, though, you’re crossing the legal line.

Cyber stalking happens when someone stalks or harasses another person online. The person may use several accounts after their target blocks one or more profiles. They may search for private details and use them against you.

  1. Online Solicitation and Grooming

Online solicitation and grooming are forms of sexual advancement towards a minor. Never send adult inappropriate images to someone you don’t know online. You should also avoid having sexually-charged conversations with strangers, too.

It could be an underage child!

If you find yourself in a sticky situation, then don’t panic. Google “solicitation lawyer near me” to find representation.

  1. Black Hat Hacking

Hacking is an attempt to exploit computer systems. Sometimes, there are legitimate reasons to hack. What if you’re hacking for illegal reasons or without an authorization? In these situations, you’re engaging in cyber crime.

  1. Possession or Distribution of Child Pornography

Online solicitation happens when you reach out to a minor, but what if a minor reaches out to you? You’re still committing a crime if you receive sexual content from a minor.

You could get charged with possession of child pornography. If you share the photo or content with others, then you could get hit with a distribution charge, too.

Types of Cyber Crime to Watch out For

These five types of cyber crime are more common than you’d think. It’s important to always protect you and your family while browsing on the world wide web. It’s also important to ensure that you’re following the law, too!

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, cyber fraud is on the rise. You need to keep your computer as healthy as your body! Be sure to browse through our healthy life tips section for more advice on living your best life in 2020.

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