5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Travelling Internationally with Kids

The thrill of visiting and experiencing new places is real for most people, and more so children for who have not had many travelling experiences. That said, parents who travel with their kids know that it can be challenging and therefore we will look at 5 common mistakes to avoid when travelling internationally with kids.

Select Your Seats When Booking

So many parents forget that it is very common for family members to be separated at the time of boarding, especially on long-haul flights. To avoid this, it is best to select your seats and those of others travelling with you at the time of booking. This will ensure that you are not seated on different rows or even at different ends of the plane. No one likes a mother or father shouting to their kids who may be seated far ahead or behind them.

Plan for Everything, Roll with the Punches

While most parents picture their vacations being full of fun and relaxation, things can go wrong. For example, you might forget to bring a hat or other piece of attire that you need on the trip, or your child might get sick during the visit. Although good planning and organization can help make your trip a lot better, expect things to go wrong and always be ready when they do.

Note that you do not have to face your vacation or trip with doom and gloom; you might plan to roll with the punches and no punches will come. Enjoy your vacation, but don’t stress when everything doesn’t go your way. After all, you have everything under control.

Have Your Health Checked

Even though most countries have a mandatory list of vaccinations to get before flying internationally, don’t neglect your health before and after the flight. Kids are especially susceptible to bugs, flu and other illnesses that exist either in an airplane or at tropical destinations. Have all the vaccinations done – that is your first line of defence – then have another check to ensure that you and your kids are strong enough to handle not only the rigours of travel but also everything else nature throws at you and your family.

Check Your Flight Information and Connections

Kids get bored and tired pretty fast. Because of this, it is always a good idea to book flights that have as few layovers, stopovers or connections as possible. Parents attest to the fact that taking a 12-hour flight with three connecting flights is not the best way to travel, especially with kids and toddlers who can become fussy during the trip.

Also, trying to save money everywhere is not a good option. Yes, travelling can be expensive and parents are advised to save wherever they can. Trying to downgrade to a less expensive class might save you money but at the expense of legroom and other services such as better in-flight meals. At the end of the fight, the money you might have saved will not be proportionate to the sacrifices you had to make to get on a cheaper flight.

Book Your Flights According to Your Kids’ Schedules

Even though parents might not be thinking about their kids’ schedules when booking a flight, if you can plan your flights around your kids’ sleep cycles or when they are most tired, that could be of tremendous help. One common mistake that parents make is booking a flight way before or after their kids’ sleep time. When this happens, these parents try to keep their kids awake during the booking or alighting process and try to keep them asleep during the flight.

Flying to new destinations can be fun, as long as it is done with proper planning and consideration. Avoiding a few common mistakes, such as booking a flight with too many connections, will go a long way in making your flights and vacation much better.

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