5 Christmas Presents That Are Perfect for Yourself

As a mum, there’s nothing more magical than Christmas time. Even though we all know how hectic it can be, even stressful at times, it’s worth it for that feeling when our loved ones open their presents. Choosing the perfect gift can take a lot of time and thought, but there’s one person you don’t give enough thought to at the festive season: yourself. You’ve performed brilliantly this year, as a parent and simply as a person, so you deserve to treat yourself. Don’t feel guilty about buying a present for yourself as it can be great for your wellbeing and self-esteem, so here are five Christmas gifts that could be an ideal way to say thank you to yourself.

1. Spa Day

The classic treat to yourself is a spa day, but just because it’s a little clichéd, doesn’t make it any less perfect. As a mum, we’re so busy looking after our children that it can be difficult to find the time to look after ourselves, but a spa day is the perfect opportunity to redress that balance, even if only for 24 hours. You’ll find a wide range of treatments to choose from, but whichever you opt for there’s something incredibly rejuvenating about putting yourself in someone else’s hands and allowing yourself to be pampered. It’s an ideal break from the daily routine, and in the dark days of winter especially, that can be just what we all need.

2. Grand Prix Driving Experience

Whether you’re driving to work or on the school run, modern roads can be incredibly frustrating, full of jams, delays and drivers who seem to be concentrating on anything except what’s around them. Don’t succumb to road rage, treat yourself to the ultimate Grand Prix driving experience and let off steam in a thrilling yet safe way. Tracks across the United Kingdom offer driving experiences in everything from super cars like Aston Martins and Ferraris to single seater racing cars reminiscent of those used by Lewis Hamilton. Among the tracks offering the ultimate in driver experiences is Silverstone, home of the British Grand Prix, and driving around there at high speed is safe, fun and a day you’ll never forget.

3. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re looking for something just as unique but a little more sedate, then a hot air balloon ride is hard to beat. The feeling when your basket lifts from the ground can be just as exhilarating, but then you can relax in style with a glass of bubbly as you soar gently across a beautiful landscape. It’s one of the most relaxing and smile provoking experiences you will ever have, and you’ll see your little corner of Britain as you never have before, and this can be incredibly moving for lovers of the natural world especially. When you touch down, you’ll probably want to take another hot air balloon ride at the first opportunity, so this can be a great Christmas gift to yourself year after year.

4. Family Photo Book

What could be more precious in life than memories? Sometimes we need something to jog the memory process along a little, which is why photographs of places and, especially people, are always the most prized possessions we have. Camera technology has changed rapidly in recent years, and rather than waiting for disposable film to be developed, the vast majority of people now simply take snaps with their mobile phones. That’s fine for sharing on social media, but it doesn’t give you the same warm glow as holding a photograph in your hands, or having something tangible to look at after years and decades. That’s why photo books are a perfect gift to yourself, and why so many people are turning to sites like They help you compare prices and special offers across the UK’s leading photo book retailers, meaning that you can get the highest quality at the lowest price.

5. City Break

Whether you travel by yourself, with friends or with your family, a city break is a great way to discover exciting new locations. When you buy yourself a city break, even if you travel with others, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to somewhere you’ve always wanted to see. Some of the most popular city break destinations are just a short flight away, such as Paris, Dublin and Barcelona, and by heading just a little further afield you can visit magical cities such as Prague and Budapest. There are spectacular sights to see at all times of the year, but booking it as a Christmas gift to yourself gives you something exciting to look forward to.

Whether you treat yourself to a city break or spa day, a ride in a hot air balloon or a drive in a racing car, or prefer to sit at home looking through precious memories, any of these presents will be a perfect gift from you to you. You know more than anyone how hard you’ve worked this year, so pamper yourself with a present – as the advert says, you’re worth it.

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