5 Characteristics Of The Perfect Wedding Venue Couples Need To Think About

The wedding venue sets the tone for the entire ceremony. From the vows to the reception, the venue is the platform where the wedding is set. Every couple wants their guests to be comfortable, happy and have fun at their wedding, and it takes a great wedding venue to achieve that.

You have probably looked at the location of the venues you are considering and the closeness to hotels and airports and checked out the facilities and seating, but there are some important details that are often overlooked but can ruin the fun vibe you’re going for at your wedding. Before you book that venue, make sure that it has the following:

It Should Be Photogenic

Those beautiful, Instagram-worthy pictures don’t happen by accident! It takes careful curating of available wedding venues to find a place that produces amazing pictures-both inside the venue and outside, where most couples take the bulk of their pictures. 

It might take extra effort from your photographer to take pictures from a dingy venue passable, and even then, cheap wedding venues always show through. Imagine taking your wedding pictures in front of The Guildhall in Northampton, with the sweeping porticos and grand arches that evoke the visuals of Rome. This is one of the most photogenic hall hires in Northampton, and is a popular wedding venue in the UK-and for a good reason.

It Should Have Enough Space

It seems obvious, but a lot of people miss out on this important detail because they’re looking at the leg space and not dancing room. Yes, the venue you pick for your wedding should have enough room to seat all your guests, with extra for moving around, socialising and dancing without stepping on anyone’s toes. 

There Should Be Ample Lighting

Weddings are romantic, so your lighting options should strike that balance between romance and having enough light to take beautiful pictures. Dark halls would need more temporary light fixtures, which means more expenses. To cut down on costs, go for a venue that has a lot of natural and electric lighting.

There Should Be Lots Of Outlets

Speakers, projectors, light-these all work with outlets. Your vendors shouldn’t be hustling to make one outlet work, that’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, aim for a venue that has enough electric sockets for everyone to the plugin.

It Should Be Airy

The number of windows and air conditioners in your proposed venue might not have occurred to you, but it’s crucial. With all the revelry and dancing and moving around, you don’t want a venue that heats up and cause discomfort to your guests. The aim should be to keep your guests as relaxed and comfortable as possible, so make sure to check the circulation in the venue you have in mind.

There’s no perfect event, but your wedding should be as close to that as can be. Your venue should not be one of your worries on your wedding day. A big part of what makes the wedding is the place you host your family and friends in, and with Venuefinder, you can get the best venues wherever you are in the UK. That perfect wedding is just within your reach.

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