5 Changes that You Notice if You Start to Write down All Your Thoughts

At different times of the day, several thoughts flow into our heads. Thoughts about work, or a family trip to Canada, or emails to send, future goals, and lots of things that we don’t pay much attention to, usually. Once in a while, we also have these really cool ideas that just pop into our heads.

For instance, an idea about pay for essay online that’ll help boost your grades for essay writing assignments. When you think about it though, how many of these thoughts that pass through our head are penned down? How many potential game-changing ideas have passed us by simply because we never tried to record them down?

Penning down your what’s on your mind into a notebook is very essential to you as a human. The human memory could be quite unreliable. You can be thinking of something now, and even if it crosses your mind later, it can appear as a murky version of the original thought. The best ideas in this world have come in a flash. It’s been observed like that with prominent figures in the world like Sir Isaac Newton and Archimedes.

Writing down ideas and anything that comes to mind has been advised by most of the best self-improvement authors. They always stress the benefits of writing down one’s goals. Once you start writing different thoughts you have in your head like paying for essays, there are several changes that you’ll observe about yourself. These changes are noted down below.

1. You Manage your Emotions Better

Therapists sometimes suggest that their patients write down all their thoughts about a particular subject that’s bothering their minds. When you start penning down details that are in your mind, you basically slice past the internal struggles taking place in your head. Writing down your thoughts is not different from having to discuss with a friend about the situation you’re passing through. It also helps to further reinforce your capacity to comfort yourself and expand your knowledge.

Some people have noted that if their thoughts about a hurtful event that they experienced are written down into a notebook and burned, they feel better.

2. Your Brain Starts to Work in More Ways than One

The very first benefit of writing down your thoughts is that you don’t actually forget those thoughts. The second, however, is having to engage your brain to process that thought. When thoughts form in your head, they are usually without a particular form. However, writing that thought down engages other parts of your brain, and you start to remember other past thoughts pertaining to that particular thought.

For instance, you’re at a park and an exercise idea for the fitness book you’re writing pops into your head. When you bring out your pen and start writing a few sentences about that idea, other ideas like hiring essay writers start to form. These ideas can be improvements on the original idea that you’re writing down. And at that point, several ideas just swirl in your head at one time. Sounds familiar right? What your brain is doing is to force its other part to work in tune to produce one seamless thought. This way, you experience a plus. In addition to penning down your original thought, you actually get to record another thought that boosts your previous one.

3. You Start to Feel Accomplished

When you write everything you think down once you have them, you start to develop a feeling of accomplishment and headway. Having positive feelings like this can also help to boost your efficiency and multiply your potentials.

When you record your thoughts in a book, you experience a feeling of immense satisfaction. Several individuals have fancied themselves as authors and have never even attempted at writing or completing a book. Once you’re done with filling a notebook with your thoughts, you’ll come to terms with the reality that you’ve completed a book. When this happens, you’ll feel that you can accomplish a lot more stuff once you set your mind to it. This basically improves you in other areas of your life.

In addition, by writing down tasks that come across your mind and completing them later, you feel satisfied after checking the completion box for that task. This way, your efficiency is enhanced.

4. You Start Thinking Big

Penning down your thoughts allows you to think big and start having dreams. Once you write your thoughts down, you forget everything going on around you and delve into your world where anything can be possible. Once this happens, inspiration in you arises, and the barriers that subconsciously draw you back from taking steps will be removed.  Some people feel uncomfortable having to tell their friends their ideas. Writing down thoughts like paying for an essay service Canada creates privacy between such a person and their book; a secret shared with that book.  This will help to delve into processes making that idea or dream possible and making them a reality.

5. You Achieve More of Your Goals

Writing down your thoughts makes achieving your goals more possible. The more you write about these goals, the more they can actually work out.

Writing down your thoughts improve several aspects of your life. That notebook where you write it down can serve as an avenue to record your thinking over time and work on them.

2 thoughts on “5 Changes that You Notice if You Start to Write down All Your Thoughts”

  1. I’ve been writing in a journal for quite a while now and I couldn’t agree more: you start thinking big. You start to write your aspirations, your goals and you clarify your vision.

    In fact, the more you write, the clearer you are about who you are, your values, your principles, what you dislike and what you like.

    In the end, all that helps with being grounded, more relaxed and more confident in your ability to achieve what you truly want in life.

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