5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make in Divorce Proceedings

The divorce rate in the United States remains between 40 percent and 50 percent. With COVID-19, many experts predict that the divorce rate will be among the highest the country has seen. As self-quarantine mandates are enforced worldwide, there has been a significant spark in domestic violence disputes. Moreover, because finances are one of the main reasons for divorce, you can expect financial strain to accompany this economic crisis. With one of the world’s highest divorce rates, it is not uncommon for many couples to make mistakes. With that in mind, here are the five biggest mistakes that couples make in divorce proceedings:

Not Getting an Experienced Attorney

Hiring the wrong attorney can make or break your divorce process. No matter who you are or what your situation is, you need an experienced attorney. Any divorce proceeding can become complicated, and an experienced attorney knows how to protect your best interests and keep you from being exploited or taken advantage of. Do not make the mistake of hiring the cheapest attorney. Vet your attorney options and shortlist people who do not see you as just another cash client.

Seeking Revenge

Divorce attorneys see this happen often. One spouse feels wronged and wants to take it out on the other during the divorce, and they try to do so in a myriad of ways. Or they may feel slighted if the divorce comes out of left field. With this way of thinking, you will find that resentment quickly overtakes logical thinking.

For instance, prolonging the divorce proceedings, making an issue over perfectly suitable agreements, and deliberating too long over assets can all be costly mistakes in the long run — not to mention it makes the healing process take longer for everyone involved. Revenge is not rewarded in court and could end up backfiring; even if you succeed in making your soon-to-be spouse upset, it will be a short-lived victory that won’t benefit you later down the line.

Hiding Assets

According to Gearing Rackner & McGrath, Portland divorce lawyers, one of the biggest mistakes people make in divorce proceedings is not disclosing information in the court of law. It is crucial that you are as honest as possible because omitting information could make the proceeding much more complicated.

If you feel like your divorce is unfair or one-sided, refrain from hiding assets in an effort to keep it level. Hiding assets can be a serious mistake because you could lose important ground in your divorce case. If you have already made agreements, they might be compromised, and you can face penalties for fraud. And if you had a prenup, your prenup could be thrown out entirely.

Letting Your Emotions Control You

A divorce is an emotional proceeding. After all, you are breaking vows that you intended to keep, even the most stoic individual can feel weak during a divorce. If you let your emotions take the steering wheel, you might find yourself fighting for things you do not necessarily want in the divorce and end up making some bad decisions. During a divorce, you need to be as rational as possible, so it is critical that you have a sound mind. Take the time to do the things that can help you maintain a stronghold on a logical perspective, such as talking to a therapist, socializing with your friends, meditating or exercising.

Hurting Children in the Process

It is perfectly normal to be frustrated and angry during a divorce proceeding; however, you should not bad-mouth your spouse to your children. For starters, it can end up unintentionally affecting your children and hurting their feelings. But even more so, you could hurt your chances during any future custody proceedings because courts generally consider parents who can foster safe, healthy, non-toxic environments for their children.


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