5 benefits of buying a sofa cum bed online

A sofa cum bed is an extremely versatile furniture item and when bought online saves time as well as space. The dual role played by this piece of furniture in the house ensures that the family gets a good value for money because they can make the most out of a single piece of furniture.

Few benefits shared as below:

ï Space saving: Many families prefer a sofa cum bed because of its high utility. It offers space saving solutions for small modern homes. There are various designs available to choose from and various portals online offer variety of sizes, colours and styles. It really does not matter how expensive or lavish the sofa is unless it provides the additional space that one requires. A sofa cum bed is not just cost effective but allows the family to utilise the space in an effective way. The inbuilt storage drawers can be used to store essential items like beddings, bags etc. The space beneath the sofa that was otherwise being wasted is being made useful.

ï Value for money: While shopping over the net, when one clicks on the bed and the sofa set online separately and add their price, it is much more than a sofa cum bed. So it is similar to a “buy one get one free” deal.

ï   Lightweight: It is advisable to choose a sofa cum bed as it proves to be much lighter than a bed and sofa taken together or even separately. These are smart solutions and easy to move around the house as need be.

ï   Easy to maintain:  As it is one compact piece of furniture , it is very easy to maintain than two While is difficult to clean under beds , in case of a sofa cum bed one can fold or unfold it to clean the surface.

ï  Adds to comfort and aesthetic value:  When guests drop in, there is no need to put up a folding bed or make a bed on the ground over a mattress. It is multifunctional and transforming by nature. A very smart way to live would be to opt for sofa cum bed designs that will allow the guests to sleep comfortably. When not used for sleeping it can be pulled back and one can sit on it and chat with them. The standard fall out design is perfect if one wants a sleeper sofa. Here, the mattress is supported with a thick canvas-like fabric which remains secured by the springs on the sides. However, these sleepers need more space as enough room is required to unfold the mattress.

With all the benefits that it has to offer, a sofa cum bed is a perfect choice to decorate a modern home with. Not only does this piece of furniture come with its own beauty that gets added to the home, but also the functionalities that come with it. So based on the requirement, go ahead and buy

The sofa cum bed online in wooden or fabric with or without storage. If the shipping charges on the portal are free, it makes the deal more worthwhile.

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