5 Awesome Reasons for Owning a Boat

Are you considering purchasing a boat, but you’re still asking yourself, “Is buying a boat worth it?” You’ll be happy to learn that with some research, owning a boat can become an investment rather than a drain on your bank account.

You’ll have access to far more activities and locations that you may not have considered before. With this in mind, read on to learn five of our top reasons for owning a boat!

1. Stress Reduction

Being out on the open water and calm waves is a natural way to reduce your stress. A study published in the Health & Place journal found that people who lived less than a mile away from the ocean were 22% less likely to report mental health issues. This was compared to people who lived 30 miles away from the water.

2. More Exercise

If you want a more active lifestyle but aren’t a fan of going to the gym, owning a boat can provide you with ample exercise. Maintaining and cleaning the boat alone gives you exercise, but you can also enjoy activities such as:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Wakeboarding
  • Water skiing
  • Diving

The best part about these activities is that you won’t get bored with them the same way you might be on the treadmill or lifting weights. You can look into boating supplies so that you’re fully prepared for any activity you’re planning to do.

3. Community Involvement

Owning a boat isn’t a solitary act; you’ll also be part of a community of boaters. You can be as active in the community as you like, but you’ll know that you share a common interest with people who also own boats.

You can also relocate to boating communities throughout the United States. For instance, Bonita Springs in Florida provides homeowners with a full-service marina. It offers a waterfront restaurant as well as a bait shop.

4. New Skills

If you’ve never owned a boat before, there’s more that’s goes into it than just filling it up and setting out on the open water. You’ll need to master new skills such as knowing how to navigate, anchoring, and tying up at a marina, and learning the right vocabulary.

You’ll also need to become better at watching the weather and learning how the current, tide, and winds can affect the ability to steer. These skills will help keep you safe.

5. Vacation Locations

You’ll find that owning a boat also opens up even more possibilities when it comes to enjoying your vacation, either alone or with your family. You’ll have access to beaches that are only accessible by boat.

You can have a simple fishing vacation in the Keys, or you can travel throughout the Intracoastal and stop at several waterfront restaurants that have docks. You can choose to enjoy sunrises and sunsets out on the open water or dock at a hotel.

Owning a Boat Opens Up Possibilities

Owning a boat is all about being open to learning new skills and enjoying new activities. If you’ve budgeted correctly, purchasing a boat shouldn’t break the bank. You’ll be able to enjoy the open water whenever you desire and have a more active lifestyle.

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