5 Awesome Ideas for Personalizing Photos This Christmas

The holiday season brings all kinds of joy with it; we have Christmas songs, apple cider, a big dinner and tons of Christmas lights that make for some magical moments. However, one of the most intricate parts of the season comes in the form of gift-giving. When it comes to selecting gifts for relatives, many find it extremely difficult either because they run out of time for shopping, struggle with the budget, or don’t think that they know them well enough to find a present that is suitable. With this said, if you have a love for photography and want to include that in the gifts you give, we can offer up 5 awesome Christmas gift ideas that include your photography this holiday season. 


  • Send a Family Photo Calendar & Include Important Events! Photo calendars tend to be extremely popular around this time of year as everyone needs a new calendar for the upcoming year. If your relatives, family members, or friends still use paper calendars, consider making a photo calendar that includes important events such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Simply add in your photographs to the cell boxes within the calendar, pop in the birthdates (and age), as well as any other events in a text format that fits with the chosen photo. What’s great about this gift is that it doesn’t require you to be a professional designer, as you can use calendar creator software to help with the custom design, the background images, and the text.  The software is extremely easy to use, has professional-looking calendars, and offers a software tour to get familiar with its features. 



  • Relatives Across the Country? No Sweat. Send a Video Card. If you are struggling to find a gift for your relatives because you won’t actually see them for Christmas time because they are across the country or out of town, consider sending a video card. With this option you can take your photographs, add in video footage, and create a small slideshow with music and season greetings to them. Video cards are fantastic because they are very simple to make, can be done with ready-made themes, and you can even add in your own animations to make them heart-warming, unique, and personal. 



  • Blankets Are An Amazing Gift to Receive! One of the products you see a lot in stores during the holiday season are blankets of all kinds. This is especially true if you live in a colder climate that gets snow and ice during the winter months. One way to take this gift to the next level is by creating your own custom blanket with your own photography on it. All you need are high-quality photos, a potential design/pattern, and what type of material you prefer for the blanket itself. Consider using a collage software to help you get the right layout/pattern of your photos.


  • Sending Gifts to a Family With Small Children or Older Adults? Photo Puzzles! A photo puzzle is a great way to involve both smaller children and older adults in the gift-receiving festivities while still including an element of family. Just make sure that whatever images you choose to use in your puzzle, that you remove any blemishes and red-eyes beforehand. With software like PhotoWorks, Photoshop, or Adobe Lightroom, you can easily edit your photographs beforehand and remove any defects before turning the photo into a puzzle. Consider sending an empty photo frame with the gift so that it can be framed afterwards and placed on the wall. 



  • Christmas Ornaments – Photo Style! If you are looking for an extremely touching and personal way to make an impact around Christmas time, consider making ornaments out of your photographs. Simply print your photos out in wallet size (or a bit larger) and get a bit creative by making homemade frames. You can do this out of wood, twigs, or even have your images placed onto actual Christmas ornaments. The only thing that limits this type of gift is how creative you can be with your imagination and whether you need to ship the ornament long distances (package with care). It is highly recommended that you include string or a hook of some kind with the ornament and pack it in a nice wooden box or clear plastic case and wrap it up like a present. 


Conclusion: Check Out Photo Calendar Creator & It’s Holiday Themed Templates

If creating and sending a photo calendar sounds like something that your family would love and get plenty of use out of, then definitely try out Photo Calendar Creator. There are over 200 templates to get you started and tons of holiday themed options with accompanying images and fonts. The calendars are extremely easy to print and ship. Some pros of this software include image enhancement options, a month editor template, different language options, and several output options. The only downside to this software is that not all of the clipart comes in high resolution. 

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