5 activities to entertain the family in Sydney

Raising a family is hard work on so many different levels. And whilst we all hear about the lack of sleep, the terrible twos and the trauma of the moody teenage years, one aspect we rarely hear about is how difficult it is to plan activities to keep everyone entertained.

Spending time with the family is wonderful, but you constantly need new and fresh ideas to keep everyone busy and active. So to help you keep the whole family happy, lets take a look at 6 great ways to entertain the whole family in Sydney.

1. Make a beach bucket list

Going to the beach is one of the major advantages of living in Australia. It’s free and it’s a fantastic way to relax, enjoy the outdoors and get a bit of healthy activity in. But of course, like any activity, going to the same beach every time can get a bit monotonous. So if you’re struggling to get the kids excited about going to the same beach over and over again, why not create a beach bucket list and explore the many different beaches Sydney has to offer?

You can head down to Wattamolla with a picnic or take a ferry to Manly. You can even enjoy a full day of beach hopping along the Bondi to Coogee to coastal path. The point is to explore a new area and a new beach every time to keep things interesting for you and the kids.

2. Join a club

If you want a constant schedule of events, classes and fun activities in your local area, why not join a social club? Most of them offer live entertainment every weekend as well as all sorts of classes and clubs ranging from bingo and mahjong to barefoot bowls and snooker. They also come equipped with affordable and family friendly places to eat, drink and socialise.

Of course, to get the full benefits of this kind of club, make sure you pick one local to you. So if you live in Western Sydney, find a social club in Western Sydney where you can socialise with likeminded locals.

3. Play in Parramatta Park

Parramatta Park is a staple for many families, especially in Western Sydney. Away from the tourist traps of the city, Parramatta Park along with the nearby CBD River Foreshore Park offers something for all ages. From trampolines and rope ladders to slides, sandpit diggers and climbing walls, it has all sorts of fun adventures for kids. And for the adults, it has plenty of open spaces where you can lay down a picnic blanket and enjoy the sunshine.

4. Jump in the lake

If you fancy a change from the beach but still want to cool down in the hot weather, Lake Parramatta is a great option. You can have a BBQ, feed the ducks, enjoy a family bushwalk, swim or bring your own kayaks in this wonderful little haven tucked away in the North Parramatta bushland. If you don’t fancy bringing your own food, you can also enjoy a cafe as well as rent paddleboats, rowboats and more.

5. Get active at Sydney Olympic Park

If you want a one-stop-shop for all sorts of fun and exciting activities, then Sydney Olympic Park is the place for you. Whether it’s hiring bikes, browsing the flower or produce markets, trying out some cool flying trapeze and circus arts, skateboarding, driving segways or enjoying the aquatic centre, the Sydney Olympic Park is a literal playground of awesome activities that can be enjoyed on multiple occasions.


Finding activities for the whole family to enjoy can be tall order. But with a little bit of planning, you can fill your evenings, weekends and holidays for weeks or months on end. Whether it’s joining a social club with a ready-made schedule of activities & events, or planning your own bucket list of activities, you can enjoy quality time with the family whilst also getting a healthy dose of vitamin D the great outdoors.

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