44 Cute Pictures Of Parents And Their Little Clones

Every couple wants to have children. A family simply isn’t complete without them. Children give us reason to live and after we are gone we live on in them. From the moment we first hold them in our arms, we know that there is part of us that will always be with them. And sometimes, that part is much bigger than we’ve expected.

When we pass on our genes, we expect to see something from both parents in the child. Yet there are times when it seem that the child is a carbon copy of one of his parents or even ancestors. “The apple didn’t fall far from the tree” is a expression we hear a lot and perhaps it is the best expression to describe these little miracles.

Have a look at some amazing parent-child look-a-likes.

1. Mother And Son

(mom) am on the left and my son Maxwell is on the right

2. Father And Daughter

Corin Kane’s husband (left) and their daughter

3. Father, Son And Mother

Daddy on the left, baby in the center and mommy on the right!

4. Mother And Daughter

Dee Vee (left) and her daughter

5. Mothers Holding Their Daughters (Grandmother, Mother And Daughter)


6. Fathers Holding Their Sons (Grandfather, Father And Son)


7. Father And Daughter

Father & Daughter

8. Father And Son

father son

9. Father And Daughter

father daughter

10. Daughter And Father

father daughters

11. Father And Son

father sond

12. Father And Son


13. Mother And Daughter

First photo is of my mom and I, same age (1yr) , same dress.

14. Grandmother And Granddaughter

grand daughter

15. Grandfather, Father And Son

grandfather father son

16. Grandson And Grandfather


17. Great Grandson And Great Grandfather

great grandfather and great great son

18. Mother And Daughter

Here is a picture of my daughter and I side by side

19. Father And Son

Jason, and our son, Wesley

20. Mother And Son

Jessica Mas as a baby and her son

21. Son And Mother

Lauren Malone Harrisons son (left) and her, both at about 1 5 years old

22. Mother And Daughter

m d

23. Mother And Son

Me and my son Nathan!

24. Mother And Daughter

Me at age 8, my daughter at age 8. 1984 vs. 201

25.  Mother And Daughter

Me, Angelique on the left, Evangeline on the right.

26. Mother And Daughter

Megan Griffith (left) and her daughter, both at 11 months

27. Mother And Daughter

Mom and daughter

28. Mother And Daughter

Mom Trang Nguyen Daughte Savanh

29. Mother And Son

mothe son

30. Mother And Daughter

Mother and daughter

31. Mother And Daughter

mother daughter

32. Mother And Son

mother son

33. Daughter And Mother

My daughter Brynn and I both at 6 months

34. Father And Daughter

My husband & our daughter

35. Mother And Daughter

My newborn photo, and my daughter when she was 10 days old

36. Son And Mother

My son on the left and me on the right

37. Mother And Daughter

Myself and our daughter, Hannah.

38. Sister And Cousins

sisters cousins

39. Grandmother, Mother And Daughter

Stephanie Lightcap in the middle, her mom on the left, and her daughter on the right

40. Son And Father

Stevee DeNike (right) and his son

41. Mother And Daughter

This is my daughter and myself.

42. Uncle And Nephew

uncle nehew

43. Father And Daughter

y husband and daughter at 2 months.

44. Father And Son

father and son

After seeing these adorable side-by-side images, one could almost believe in time travel and cloning. Almost.

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