4 Wedding Ideas That Incorporate Pets

Your wedding is one of the most exciting days in your life. It’s a commitment to your partner, but also to start a new life together. However, if you’re a pet parent, you just can’t fathom your pup not being there on the big day. Now, you might be wondering how to incorporate your pet into your wedding day. If this sounds like your current predicament, then you need some ideas on how to involve your furry friend throughout your wedding. Keep reading to explore these four pet-friendly wedding additions that’ll make the day even more special.

1. Involve your pet in the proposal.


One incredible way to involve your pet is on the day of your proposal. If you’re planning to propose, make sure your partner’s dog is a part of the fun. Usually, you let your partner’s family members know that you’re going to propose, and their dog is absolutely no exception. If you just want your pet there for the proposal, but you want to be the one to get down on one knee, plan on proposing outdoors, bringing your dog to hug right after the great news. Or, if you want your pup more involved then consider securely attaching the ring box to their collar. Ask your partner to take a look, then when they turn you’re down on one knee with the engagement ring of their dreams.

If this has your wheels turning and you’re ready to start looking for engagement rings then search for engagement rings Northern Virginia, and consider these jewelers. These jewelers carry plenty of gorgeous jewelry, and their jewelry salespeople will help you chose the perfect fit for the perfect engagement ring as the calendar days wind down before the big day. By choosing one of their unique engagement rings or wedding band of your partner’s dreams, you’ll leave a lasting impression. But most of all, by using your dog this memory becomes even more special.

2. Have your furry friend participate in the ceremony.


Another great way to involve your pet in the wedding is by having them play a part in the ceremony. When you make your appointment with your venue, make sure that your dog is allowed at the ceremony place before getting your hopes up. Once you’re cleared, start thinking of how you should incorporate your dog. Pet lovers will swoon if you have your pet as the ring bearer or flower dog. Giving them these important titles is a representation of your unconditional love for your furry friend. One thing to make sure of is that your dog is on its best behavior. This way, you ensure a smooth and memorable ceremony that takes place promptly in a reasonable manner.

3. Host a pet-friendly reception.


Hosting a pet-friendly reception is the perfect idea for a pet parent. You heard that right. A party after your wedding where your pets are allowed. Pet lovers will be super excited to hear that your dog will be present at the reception. If you’re really pushing for the ultimate pet-friendly reception let others bring their furry friends too. Obviously, as a safe bet book your venue appointment for somewhere outdoors. If you’re looking to also make some of your money back from the costs of your wedding, consider offering your pet guests Pawtree products. Pawtree carries tons of high quality pet foods, pet supplements, and various pet products all made in the United States that you can get with a custom design that’s special for your big day.

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4. Plan a wedding photoshoot.


One of the first initial orders of business when it comes to weddings is to book a photographer to capture these memories. When you go to book a photographer, you want one with a pretty high skill level that will capture your love and your caring behaviors that you and your partner share. However, this doesn’t mean you should leave your pup out of the fun. When you make your appointment with your photographer, let them know you want to bring your dog with for some pictures. Make sure to get plenty of shots with you and your partner’s engagement ring, wedding band, and of course your furry friend. These pictures will signify the continuation of your life with your partner and beloved pet for years to come.

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