4 Ways Your Travel Business Can Benefit from SMS Marketing

If you have a travel business, you need to connect with new customers and interact with your existing ones too. Traditional marketing tactics no longer work in this age of digital media. Email marketing is not effective for your travel agency because most of the hosts offer in-built spam filters and therefore mailers often overlooked or ignored completely. Text-based mobile marketing overcomes many of these problems related to email marketing. While emails remain unread, SMS is read after it reaches your customers’ inbox. That is why the rate of delivery is higher for SMS compared to emails.

Studies show that more than 90 percent of people open mobile text messages, implying your marketing contents are reaching your audience. Moreover, SMS text messages are brief and therefore read which is beneficial.

Your message can be passed to your targeted audience and they can respond to your SMS provided it offers some instant benefits. If you have included some coupon code or link, the chances of response are high.

According to an article published on, you should make SMS an integral part of your multi-channel marketing. It will prove beneficial to your business in the days to come. With text-based communication, you can guide prospects to your website, blog or social media profiles. Read on to learn about the four ways your travel business can benefit from SMS marketing.

1. Send travel information to your audience quickly

The greatest benefits of SMS marketing is the speed with which your message reaches your targeted customers. Information is sent instantly and therefore, beneficial for travel companies. Travel plans change frequently and it is imperative that your customers are informed about such change on time. Your travel agency may not be able to prevent flight cancellations or delays, but providing information and quick answers to your customers’ queries will help you earn the trust of your customers. This way, you will earn positive and genuine customer reviews.

When it comes to tour operators, they may not help in case of delays or flight stops due to bad weather, but can inform customers beforehand. If weather or safety issues are behind delayed flights, passenger can understand but they will feel angry or frustrated if the flight cancellation information is not provided to them in advance. Customers require up-to-date information so that they can make arrangements accordingly.

2.  Increased sales

SMS marketing helps travel companies to send alerts to current customers about itinerary changes or problems. The issues can be many. Sending prompt SMS develops trust and business relationships with your customers. Travel companies often pamper passengers with deals and discounted offers. Text-based messages are the best way to inform your current customers as well as potential ones with exclusive deals and discounts.

There are low-cost deals when it comes to flight fares and hotel prices. You can highlight these details in your SMS marketing campaigns. Again, if you want to reach out to a specific audience base, you can do so with SMS marketing. You can make the best out of SMS API platforms to take your marketing campaign to the next level.

When you want to reach a specific demographic, for example, an age group of 25-30 who are on a party-themed vacation, SMS marketing is your best bet. Promoting deals and discounts to this particular group will prove beneficial for your business, implying more sales and profits. However, if you promote this to your regular customer, it is a waste of time and effort. Therefore, tailor your SMS messages for your specific audience and not all.

When you want to pique customer interest with low-cost, last-minute flights, you will need to send the marketing text to people living within a certain radius of the particular airport. Passengers further afield will try to reach the departure venue on time to make the most of such offers. Sending corporate SMS messages to prospective clients with a particular area will minimize costs and build an effective marketing campaign.

3. Seamless and uninterrupted marketing

Many people receive numerous SMS daily and they can use some phone settings to inform them about the contact. If not available, they can put their smartphone in silent mode or if, in a crowded, noisy area, they will turn on the phone volume to the maximum so that messages are read immediately.

SMS marketing does not invade the privacy of customers nor annoy potential ones. When regular updates are desired, customers will find SMS alerts useful and not intrusive. To be candid, many customers like SMS texts and not emails and phone calls because these are more invasive than SMS marketing.

Therefore, if you would like to reach out to your customers with real-time deals and discounts, SMS marketing is the best way to do your job. That is because mobile messages are read instantly compared to emails.

4. Build your brand

Travel business today is huge with numerous customers booking flights, hotels, and accommodations. They want quick information relating to prices and fares and want it from a reliable travel company. Therefore, if you send timely and well-written SMS copy that piques customer interest, there is nothing like it. Your existing and potential customers feel that your business is professional. When they use last-minute deals and discounts, they want to save their hard-earned dollars, and who does not? SMS marketing in a way builds your brand. People start trusting you and your SMS texts.

Use SMS marketing to acquire new customers and offer excellent customer service. This way, you can build customer loyalty, improve brand value, and relate your brand to such key attributes. Today, you need repeat business to sustain in this age of stiff competition. It will help you generate leads, increase sales, improve revenues, and build a brand image for your business in the travel sector. These things matter a lot when it comes to SMS marketing for your business.


Now that you know about the benefits of SMS marketing for your travel business, what are you waiting for? Implement the best SMS tactics and reach out to your customers in no time.

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