4 Ways to Make the Funeral Planning Process Easier

Funerals aren’t something people particularly like to talk about, but at some point in your life, the topic will have to be discussed. Funeral planning is never easy and because of this, there are various ways to make this process a bit more bearable in a time of grief. Listed below are four examples of how to make the funeral planning process easier for those who struggle.

1)Plan Ahead of Time

No matter the event, most of the time it’s more facile when planned ahead. Naturally, this applies well to planning a loved one’s funeral. There will always be difficult turmoils associated with death whether it comes as emotional, mental, or physical. It is a major help to families when planning is done ahead of time so that certain documents will already be established and so that the person can clearly state their wishes for the family after their passing. Working with a team like Everdays to finalize your wishes and ensure that the financials are handled, helps take the stress out of this process. All of which can be done from the comfort of your own home.


Funerals are an expensive event that range anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Discussing financial situations is not the easiest thing to do with loved ones, but since funerals cost so much money, it’s one of the easier ways someone can go into debt. To be able to budget for a funeral, you can look at the funeral homes in your area to get ideas of what would be the most affordable to your family and to know how much money you should save for the event to come. For financial struggles, there are different solutions like a funeral pre-plan or a burial insurance policy.

3)Ask Questions

As hard as it may be, most of the time it’s better for loved ones to ask and discuss how they want their funeral carried out. Some questions that should be taken into consideration are: “Will it be a public or close friends and family service?,” “Where will the body lay to rest after their passing?,” “Will they want to be buried or cremated,” and “Where does the person want their service held?” With gathering the answers to these questions, you should get the answers in writing. By doing so, you can easily avoid arguments between friends and/or family members.

4)Burials Are Not the Only Option

A widespread number of families are switching to cremations over traditional burials. Cremations are cheaper than burials, and it has more simplicity tied to it than a burial does. During cremation, the body is burned and the ashes put into an urn that can be customized by the living family members. Some have decided to turn to cremation services because they feel it’s a more peaceful event to attend. Another benefit is that the ashes from a cremation can be divided between certain family members as it can be difficult for family to visit a grave site.

No matter what the steps taken in planning a funeral are, it’s always hard to plan the event for a loved one. Luckily, you have the strategies above and a few others to make the process a little bit easier. Once you have all the planning organized, you can focus on remembering and celebrating the life of a loved one.