4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Home or Work

In need of a productivity boost? Check out these four different ways you can accomplish more work in less time!

1. Now Entering: Distraction-Free Zone

This should come as very little surprise, but those social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and wherever else you spend your time scrolling ad infinitum are not doing you any favors in the productivity department.

The reason so many people are “addicted” to social media is because our brain literally releases serotonin (the “happiness” chemical) when we receive a like or a positive comment from engaging followers on our pictures and posts; it makes sense that you want to check your notifications when you’re bored at home or frustrated at work.

Trust us, it’s not worth the temporary buzz! How many times have you sworn you were going to tackle that mountain of laundry when you get home… but then you sit down after a long day, allow yourself to hop on social media “for just a second”, and before you know it, an hour or more has flown by without a single piece of clothing being touched?

If you really want to be as productive as possible, cut out all distractions. Turn off your phone, stash it a drawer, and allow yourself to look after you’ve completed the task at hand. Respond to whatever you have to reply to (no small talk!), allow yourself to decompress for a few minutes tops, and then get back to the grind!

2. Toss the Tech

Sometimes even if you install an extension that blocks social media sites and stay diligently focused on the work before you, you might lose out on productivity due technology that’s older than a dinosaur.

News flash: You shouldn’t have to wait eons for pages to load, windows to open, programs to launch, files to download, or applications to run. (The more waiting time you have, the more often you’ll be tempted to fill your time with something else… like checking your Instagram, per se).

It’s even worse if your computer lacks enough RAM to multitask and cannot execute multiple tasks at the same time without being sent into an all-out meltdown. If this sounds like a computing experience you’re all too familiar with, it might be time to toss the tech and reinvest in a better processor that can set you up for success.

Compare a notebook vs. laptop and which model could help you work more efficiently; desktop PCs are great too, but lack the mobile capability to work on-the-go. While you’re at it, consider getting a second monitor to double the screen space and decrease the time spent between switching tasks.

3. Go Analog

You know one way you can avoid never-ending pinwheel of death or the panic-inducing hard drive crash? By going analog! Granted, there are some tasks that are much faster to accomplish on a computer but there plenty of benefits boasted by a pen and paper—namely your ability to better recall things that are handwritten versus typed.

Next time you have something important note to remember, jot it down on a Post-It note and attach it to the side of your display (and maybe add a reminder in your phone too, just in case you’re extra forgetful!).

On that note, make sure to read our post about how paper planners can boost your productivity to the next degree. The satisfaction of crossing items off your tangible checklist feels wonderful—plus many productivity planners are super cute, making the art of journaling way more fun!

4. Happy Body, Happy Mind

You can’t work at your best when you don’t feel your best. And you might not even be aware how “under the weather you are”! Your diet can affect your mind, so try to eat more foods known to increase productivity.

If your mind feels groggy or in a haze, make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and can function at your full capacity—a well-rested mind can focus more clearly. Feeling stressed? Meditation helps students write better essays, but whether or not you’re in school, de-stressing your mind and de-cluttering your thoughts can help you perform better at home or work.

Other strategies to decrease stress include exercise, essential oils, and bubble baths by candlelight. So, after you knock out tasks and to-dos, reward yourself by winding down and relishing in a job well done!

1 thought on “4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity at Home or Work”

  1. Here are a few tips that I followed:
    1. Do not work in your bedroom. Often I find myself sleeping instead of working when I’m in the bedroom. I recommend you move somewhere that has a desk, good lighting, and no bed.
    2. Set a schedule. This is very important. You should keep a clear schedule to track your progress. My colleagues and I use Quire to collaborate on our projects. This helps us assign individual tasks to different people and also check if the progress is going well. It also has reminders so that we can know clearly when the deadline is.
    3. Start work the same time you would normally enter the office. This helps you maintain your original routine, and also stop you from slacking off.
    4. Take breaks. Taking breaks help you clear your mind and stay focused, I usually take a break after two hours of working non-stop. I would go make a cup of coffee, let my dog out to the backyard, or throw a few hoops before I get back to work.

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